Books Read in May 2016

Well, I didn’t read much in May. In fact, I read almost nothing at all, especially compared to last month. This is partly because there were a lot of scriptures for May’s bible study (which was a good thing!) and partly because I wasn’t particularly motivated to read. Not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

Books Read in May 2016

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In any case, here are the three books that I read this month:

Next: How to Start a Successful Business That’s Right for You and Your Family. As a business book, it is okay; however, as an inspirational and encouraging book, it terrific.

The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No 2). I have been working on this with Andrew in his home school.

The Way of a Pilgrim. I am not quite done with this book I am including it any way. 🙂 It is a beautiful book and I will be doing a separate review on this book once I am finished.

As for June, I don’t have any specific books I am going to read but I want to read at least four books. What about you? What books have you been reading lately?


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Saints and Feast Days in March 2016

We are near the end of February and you know what that means? We are heading into March! [Why, yes, I am a master of the obvious, thank you! LOL!] There are some fun saints and feast days in March (think St. Patrick and St. Joseph) and even better, we have Easter to look forward to.

Saints and Feasts March 2016

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Therefore, without further ado, here is the list of saints and feasts:

Saints and Feasts

March 3: St. Katharine Drexel, virgin (optional memorial, USA)

March 4: First Friday Devotions (optional)

March 4: World Day of Prayer

March 4: St. Casimir (obligatory memorial)

March 5: First Saturday Devotions (optional)

March 7: Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, martyrs (optional memorial)

March 8: St. John of God, religious (optional memorial)

March 9: St. Frances of Rome, religious (optional memorial)

March 17: St. Patrick bishop (optional memorial)

March 18: St. Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop & doctor of the church (optional memorial)

March 19: St. Joseph, Spouse of the BVM (solemnity)

March 20: Palm (Passion) Sunday

March 24: Holy Thursday

March 25: Good Friday (fast & abstinence)

March 26: Holy Saturday


Other Dates to Note

Every Saturday is traditionally dedicated to devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

March is traditionally dedicated to Saint Joseph

March 6: Fourth Sunday of Lent

March 13: Fifth Sunday of Lent

March 13: Daylight Savings Time begins

March 20: Spring begins

March is also special to me because it is the month of Andrew’s birthday. 🙂 I can’t believe he is going to be eleven. How did that happen?!


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A Mini-Prayer Request, Please! UPDATE

**Just to let you know, after a little adventure I was able to take the exam. I think I did very well but it dawned on me afterward that no matter how hard I try, my handwriting is pretty bad. So, now, I’m praying she will be able to read my answers! Oh dear.

Many of you know that I have gone back to college to finish getting my bachelor’s degree in English. Well, today I am taking my first mid-term exam after I don’t know how many years for my short story class. I know the material pretty well, I think, and have been studying. Still, I’m a bit nervous about it.

Could you spare a moment to say a quick prayer that I do very well on the exam? I’d ask that you pray that I get a perfect grade, but I’m a little more realistic than that. I’ll be happy with an A- 🙂

After my seven weeks of preparation for today’s feast of St. Joseph, I’m absolutely counting on his intercession! St. Joseph, pray for us!

Thanks so much for the prayers. When I get done I’ll try and update on how I think I did.

7 Quick Takes: St.Joseph’s Day Edition

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, a day when everyone is Irish. There will be parties and parades, and all things green. With all this hoopla surrounding St. Patrick’s day, St. Joseph often gets overshadowed. (His feast day is on Monday, the 19th.) But St. Joseph should get the recognition he deserves, and I’m not just saying thing because St. Joseph is one of my all-time favorite saints. 🙂 His prayers are powerful, and I know this from experience.

As many of you know, over the past 7 weeks I’ve been praying the 7 Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph in preparation for his feast day. The crux of this devotion is honoring the seven joys and sorrows of St. Joseph, which are similar to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. In order to help you prepare spiritually for St. Joseph’s feast day, I am going to use today’s 7 Quick Takes to share those seven joys and sorrows of St. Joseph.

— 1 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow when he decided to leave the Blessed Virgin Mary; his joy when he learns of the incarnation through angel in his dream.

— 2 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow when he saw the Lord Jesus is born in poverty; his joy when the angels pronounces Jesus’ birth.

— 3 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow When Jesus’ blood was shed in circumcision; his joy in giving the name of Jesus.

— 4 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow at the prophecy of Simeon; his joy at the many who will be saved through the suffering of Jesus.

— 5 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow when he had to flee with to Egypt under the cover of night; his joy in always being with Mary and Jesus.

— 6 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow when he feared returning to his home; his joy when he is directed by the angel to go to Nazareth.

— 7 —

St. Joseph’s sorrow when he loses Jesus; his joy when he finds Jesus in the temple.

Do try and takes some time to pray over these sometime over the weekend (or on his feast day on Monday). There may not be a lot known about him, but even in St. Joseph’s silence we can learn much about the spiritual life.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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7 Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph Week Five

St. Joseph(Photo Credit)

It’s week five for the st. Joseph novena. Again, if you need the prayers, head over to the St. Joseph’s website.

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7 Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph Week Three

St. Joseph(Photo Credit)

It’s week three for the 7 Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph. In case you  need it, here’s the link to the prayer on the St. Joseph Website.

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7 Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph Week Two

St. Joseph(Photo Credit)

Reminder: Today is week Two of the St. Joseph’s 7 Sunday Novena. You can find the week two prayers on the St. Joseph Website here.

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