As a busy woman, you have a lot on your plate. Maybe you are a wife, mom, and daughter. You have to juggle a ton of responsibilities such as family, housework, a business, or employment. You may even volunteer at church or other organizations. You want to deepen your relationship with God and find time to spend time in prayer but it seems impossible. 

You are not alone. Our world is going crazier and busier by the minute. There are so many things pulling at us and demanding our attention. That is why fostering our relationship with God has to take more of a priority in our life. It is our prayer life and our relationship with God has to come first. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of our time. It is all about quality over quantity. Trust me on this. 

The purpose of Simple Catholic Living, and its motto, is to help you grow closer to God, one prayer at a time. The Catholic Church is rich with so many traditions and customs and devotions that there is something for everyone. I realize the website is new, so bear with me, but as I slowly add more content (weekly at least), this website will become a repository of prayers, devotions, and teachings meant to help you on your faith journey. 

So come by frequently! If you have any particular devotion or prayer that you want me to include on the site, or want to learn more about let me know – either in the comments or through the contact page.

God bless you.