The Heroic Minute Challenge

Debbie over at Saints 365 is co-hosting a 14 day “Heroic Minute” challenge and I am so excited! I have been falling out of the getting up early habit and have noticed the effects. I have been feeling rushed, stressed, and not getting in my prayer time every day as I should.

The 14 Day Heroic Minute Challenge

Image by josealbafotos (2016) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

What is the heroic minute?

The heroic minute is the very first minute of the day, as soon as the alarm goes off. St. Josemaria Escriva believed that the first moment of the day is the most important moment of the day where we can set our heart and mind on God and overcome our “flesh.”

About the Challenge

The challenge starts this Monday, April 4. All you have to do (!) is set the alarm for a reasonable time and when it goes off, get up, utter a prayer, and then begin your day. For more details, go to here on the Saints 365 website.

I hope you will join us. Remember, it doesn’t mean getting up at 4 am. Set a time that is doable and stick with it the best you can. Think of your “why” and don’t forget, consistency is the name of the game, not perfection!


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