Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival (January 23, 2011)

Come join us over at RAnn’s blog, This That and the Other Thing, where fellow Catholic bloggers share the posts they have written each week. These are my contributions for this week:

Sunday: The Holy Name of Jesus

Monday: Slow-cooker Chili recipe

Tuesday: Ten Reminders of God’s Love for You

Wordless Wednesday: The Leaning Tower of Snowman!

Thursday: Are You a Johnny?

Fearless Friday: For the Faithful Departed (in Memorial of My dear Aunt Miriam who died last Sunday)

*On a different note, I wanted to let you know that I just finished a slow-cooker eBook that I will be selling; and, in celebration of finally getting it done, I will be doing a drawing soon to give away 5 free copies. I’ll be doing a blog post about it within the next few days, so if you are interested in the giveaway, you may want to look out for that info post!

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