10 Prolife Charities Worthy of Support

We all know that Christmas time is a popular time for giving money to our favorite organizations. Right before the year’s end is usually someone’s last chance to donate in order to get his or her tax break. If this is you and you are looking for organizations, I’ve got some great suggestions. 🙂 All of these suggestions are for organizations either directly or indirectly support life in all its stages.

Prolife Charities Worthy of Support

Also, don’t forget to donate during other times of the year, too. These and all charitable organizations need help year round!

1. Little Sisters of the Poor. It’s no secret that I love the Little Sisters of the Poor, having spent time with them and can personally attest to them. 🙂

2. Sisters of Life. They do a wonderful work of taking in pregnant woman and giving them practical assistance. They also host retreats and other pro-life activities.

3. March for Life. They are the organization the organizes and runs the annual march for life each January in Washington, DC.

4. American Life League. ALL tackles all aspects of pro-life issues and offer how-tos, news, and ways to get involved in the pro-life movement.

5. Life Legal Defense Foundation. As its name suggests, Life Legal Defense Foundation is an organization of volunteer attorneys who deal with life issues from a legal standpoint.

6. Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is a well-known Christian ministry dealing will all issues of family life.

7. Human Life International. HLI is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the world. It is a teaching apostolate that empowers local pro-life leaders around the world.

8. Priests for Life. Priests for Life is a wonderful organization, founded by Father Frank Pavone. Their website is a wealth of information regarding all things pro-life.*

9. Rachel’s Vineyard. Rachel’s Vineyard is a healing ministry for those who have been affected by abortion: the women who have had them, the fathers, the grandparents; all those who are secretly mourning the loss of the aborted child.

10. Citizen Link. Citizen Link (an affiliate of Focus on the Family) is a family advocacy group. They empower everyday people to let their voice be heard about critical issues regarding the sanctity of human life.

Your turn: what are your favorite charities?


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*A reader, in the comments, expressed her negative experience with Priest for Life so I looked up their charity rating: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=6438#.VfwLuJcer-s. My experience with them have always been positive, but use your own discretion in deciding to support this group or not.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of most of these charities before.

  2. These cites will help me with my project of educating the school about the Pro-Life movement through our Students for Life club’s monthly bulletin board. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Two of my favorite Pro-Life charities: Mary’s Shelter and Project Ultrasound

    • SimpleCatholic says

      I’m so glad you have found the list useful, Jessica!

      I’ve never heard of Mary’s shelter but Project Ultrasound is another great one. Thanks!

  3. The Elliot Institute is called a “small but mighty” ministry that conducts research, education and outreach regarding abortion’s impact. Research research shows most abortions are unwanted or coerced. (See our free “Forced Abortion in America” flyers, reports, too.) After abortion, women are dying, too. 65% suffer trauma. Our research is used to hold abortion-providers accountable, change laws and educate public while showing compassion for those at risk or hurt. In great need of supporters and prayers.

  4. Came across your very helpful website. I was wondering if I could link my website with yours. Please check out my Pennies for Heaven project on my website which is a pro-life activity for those that can’t attend the March For Life. http://www.allkidscanbesaved.com/

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Sure, Stella, thank you. You have a lovely site. However, the link to the pennies for Heaven project doesn’t work so I changed the link to your home page.

  5. Barb Freeman says

    Please reevaluate your support for Priests for Life. I have given them contributions and they send me more and more threatening solicitations. They mark them like they are overdue bills, send me dollar bills and generally harass me since I donated to them. I looked up their rating as a charity and it is only one out of four stars and not much of the money actually gets to the cause. At least two bishops have tried to get them to be more accountable for where the money is going and they will not cooperate. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO A PRO-LIFE GROUP WITH A GOOD RATING. This organization takes in over $10,000,000 dollars a year and is not accountable to anyone for how it is spent. They have wasted hundreds of dollars harassing me to send them more money. I will do anything to stop end abortion but will not be harassed and tricked into giving money to this sham of a charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should be shut down.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Wow, they have never done that to me before. I am sorry you had a bad experience with the Priest of Life. Has this happened to anyone else? I will look into their rating. Thanks for sharing.

      • I have heard on EWTN some favorable comments about Priests for Life, so I trusted that they were a valuable charity. However, I, too, have many solicitations from them–almost to the point of harassment, but I was willing to put up with that, until I checked in Chariy Navigator and found their rating and how much is paid to administration! I wish that I could get more information, in case there is a good reason for these things. I want to support those who need help in the Supreme Court case.

      • Priest For Life will constantly harass you to send them $. I would not consider them for this very reason!

    • I had my name removed from Priests for Life. They constantly bombard with solicitations and in sending you a dollar…..forces you to respond, as you don’t want to keep the dollar. They are way too much and then to find Cardinal Dolan withdrew his support of PFL, after he put an aborted fetus on the altar during Mass, I stopped contributions. Although I didn’t leave because of the fetus incident, even though I found it not right. His thinking was to raise awareness, or whatever, and felt it was a good thing to do in his mind. Plus I am very sure he shared my contact info which I am still undergoing mailbox nightmare….not sure how much of it is a direct result of his organization. ..but pretty sure they did share my info. I now give regularly to Pro Life Across America (the billboard people ). They don’t harass and state upfront their policy is they do not share any of your contact info.

  6. I would never recommend Focus on the Family (and James Dobson) since I have heard him utter a number of anti-Catholic statements on his radio program. Rosy G

  7. Fr. Pavone does wonderful work, but like any organization, they need money. I agree that sending a dollar to encourage you to give is a bit much. It lays a guilt trip on some. I just put the dollar in the basket. Little Sisters get my vote. Such Holy women!

  8. This group lost my interest when they tried to convince me that if Father Frank’s bishop looked into their finances, it would be an assault on the pro-life cause. They wanted me to jump in the middle and appeal to Rome on Father Frank’s behalf.

    I concur on the obnoxious, borderline harassment marketing techniques. When I started sending back their donation envelopes empty (cost to them), they finally laid off. There are definitely better pro-life charities to invest in.

  9. You should fix your title tag on this page. It says “0 Profile Charities…” instead of 10. This causes it to appear that way on search results too.

  10. Where are our Catholic Pregnancy Clinics? I find most Pro-Life Clinics are provided by
    dedicated Evangelical providers and churches. Why hasn’t our Catholic Church/Hierarchy established our own, Catholic pro-life clinics and direct, personal services? This is very sad.
    Thank you for your response.

    Note: Currently, and for the last 30 years, my husband and I and our adult daughter have volunteered for multiple pro-life causes within: parish ministries, dioceses, national and local pro-life organizations, teaching and training seminars and post-abortion counseling, home crisis line and healing Masses and Retreats.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Hi Marlene, thanks for the comment. i can’t speak for the rest of the country but there is a Catholic pregnancy clinic about 15 minutes from where I live. I also know there are several of them in NYC. I think many of them exist but don’t get the promotion they should. Some are included within Catholic hospitals, but again, not well-known. And we definitely need more of them – a lot more. So thanks for mentioning that.

      Also, thank you for all that you and your family are doing for the pro-life movement! God bless.

  11. Hi,

    I think these are good charities, though the comments about Priests for Life are food for thought. I have given to them in the past, and they may do some very good work. They are, however, more “assertive” in their fund-raising methods than many other groups; this I have noticed.

    Focus on the Family is a Protestant group that has a sectarian theological mission that they promote (this is not to be seen as a criticism). For that reason, I do not support them. I will, however, support Protestant-run groups with *no* theological mission outside of universal Christian principles. Alliance Defending Freedom is an example, or Family Research Council.

    Generous Catholic givers can consider a number of giving opportunities in addition to pro-life. I would mention good religious orders, faithful universities or schools, and poverty charities. Cross Catholic, CNEWA and Aid to the Church in Need are great overseas charities.

    Supporting charities is a highly under-rated way to do God’s work in the world, and the need is great. For those with the resources, the offering basket is not enough.

  12. Thank you for this information. I was finalizing my annual donation (payroll deduction through my workplace) and used this as a guide for my giving efforts.

  13. I like the Susan B. Anthony List. Check it out online.

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