We Have a New Addition to the Family! Meet Mistletoe!

(Yes, I know, yesterday I said I wasn’t going to write many filler posts, BUT I just had to share about our new pup. 🙂 )

Backstory: Michael and I decided to get Andrew a dog for Christmas. We searched for weeks and finally found one at the Humane Society. She was adorable. She was three years old and house trained. She had a great personality. Her name was Eleanor and we fell in love. We instantly began calling her “Ellie.” She had to be spayed so we couldn’t take her home until after Christmas. Still, they printed out a picture of her and we played a game with Andrew where he had to find the paper hidden in the tree. It was love at first sight. Then we went to pick the dog up…

We were all set except that Michael forgot to bring the lease with him when we went to pick her up, so he went back to the apartment and spoke with the lady at the rental agency. One look at the dog and she said NO.Unfortunately, although she is a terrier mix, there was too much pit bull in her and pit bulls aren’t allowed. Plus, no dog over 30 pounds allowed. We were devastated. Andrew cried. I had tears in my eyes.

The Happy Ending: We promised Andrew a dog so it was back to the drawing board. None of the dogs at the Humane Society met the requirements. We decided to go to the SPCA. They had several small dogs that were contenders. One I loved but it was already in the process of being adopted. Then we saw Mistletoe. Love at first sight. So cute and shy but loveable. Didn’t bark the whole time we were there. Once it warmed up to us he was so cuddly and sweet. We knew he was ours.

This time we went to the rental office for approval, signed the contract and had everything in order. He is a Doxen/Chihuahua mix and only about 5 pounds, so we knew there was no way he would be rejected by the rental office. At full adulthood he won’t be more than 10 or 12 pounds. He fits in my pocketbook! We couldn’t take him home right away because he had to be fixed. But finally, today is the day! We are so happy to bring him home with us. He is Mistletoe for now, but Andrew wants to change his name. We have been debating but haven’t come up with anything yet.

In any case, here he is before being fixed, when we had our visit in the SPCA:

Our new pet

Isn’t he the cutest thing?!

UPDATE: Mistletoe has a new name! His name is now Danny Skip D’Annunzio!

Let me tell you, it didn’t take long before he came out of his shyness! He has quite the personality. So loveable and playful and hardly ever barks. I’ve only heard him bark around three times since Monday (it is Saturday as I update this.)!


  1. Very cute. The dog God wanted for you.
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