10 Ways to Make Time for Prayer

clockAs Christian women, we know the importance of making time for prayer. We want to foster our relationship with Jesus and spending time with Him is the only real way to do that. As busy moms, we also know that finding time for prayer can be a challenge. We make excuses. We get caught up in all the details of homeschooling, running our homes and (sometimes) playing chauffeur for our children.

If you want to make prayer a priority but can’t seem to find the time, the trick might be to sneak it in! Here are some tips that have helped me fit prayer into my day:

1. Get up early. Yeah, that can be hard, I know; especially if your young ones are early birds. Until recently, my son would be up between 5:30-6:00am and getting up at 5:00am was HARD. Still, if you can get up even 20 minutes before your children and spend just 15 minutes or so with the Lord in prayer or reading the Bible, you will be amazed at how it can set your day right. You’ll be more focused and prepared for the day and have that extra boost to keep the Lord in your heart during the day.*

2. Make a prayer appointment. We make hair appointments, doctor appointments and all kinds of appointments so why not make a prayer appointment? When you are calendaring your other appointments, blot out a time for prayer each day or at least once a week. If you can leave your child/children with grandparents or mother’s helper for a while even better. Take that time for adoration before our Lord in the Eucharist if your church offers it. **

3. Pray as a family. Praying with your children is an awesome way to not only find time for yourself to pray, but also instill a habit of prayer in your children. It doesn’t have to be long. You can do five minutes of morning devotions before starting school or pray a decade of the rosary after dinner. Let each child take turns leading the prayers each day so that they feel involved.

4. Hide some aspirations around the house. Okay, this might sound silly, but it does help! Write little aspirations (such as “Jesus I trust in You.” or “Sweet Jesus, be my salvation.”) or scripture verses down on sticky notes and post them on the inside of your kitchen cabinets or doors, mirrors or any where around the house where you will see them frequently.

5. Pray while you work. Throw on a rosary DVD while you clean the house or tackle a household project. Or, put on some worship music so you can sing out your prayer to the Lord. (A fun homeschooling project would be to have each kid write his or her own “prayer song” to sing during devotional time.)

6. Exercise. Again, put on some worship music and dance before the Lord! You’ll get in a good workout and pray at the same time. Going for a run or bike ride? Don’t be so quick to put on those headphones. Use that time to pray and chat with our Lord, Our Lady and/or the saints. Lifting weights? Say an aspiration with each repetition.

7. Pray in the car. Going on a long trip? Listen to the Bible on tape for a while. Throw on a DVD of the Divine Mercy Chaplet or worship music while on your way to or from the store, appointments or activities. Dropping the littles off somewhere? Spend a couple of minutes in the car before driving off to your next destination. Picking them up? Get there a few minutes early and sit in silence before the Lord before it’s time to get them.

8. Turn off the TV. Believe me, I know how tempting it can be to plop down in front of the television after a busy day. You want to get off your feet and relax. Why not put off turning the TV on for 30 minutes and work on a bible study or read the Catechism or pray the rosary first? You may change your mind about turning the TV on at all. πŸ™‚

9. Pray in bed. If he’s willing, take a few minutes to pray with your husband before drifting off to sleep. Having trouble getting to sleep? The cadence of the rosary or divine mercy chaplet is very soothing and easily can put your body and spirit to rest.

10. Join (or form) a mom’s prayer group. Getting together with other moms to pray for and support each other in your journey with the Lord can be an awesome blessing. If there isn’t a group already formed, get a few of your mom friends and see if they are interested. Each mom can take turns hosting or meet at a local park (weather permitting). The kids can play while the moms can pray!

BONUS! 11. Head for the restroom. Hey, sometimes you’ve got to get creative! πŸ™‚ If all else fails and you’ve been too busy to even think, head for the restroom for a minute or two (even if you don’t have to “go”). Use that time to re-group and re-center In the Lord.

Obviously you can’t (nor should you, necessarily) do all these all day everyday. What’s important is to take time to strengthen your relationship with the Lord so take it slow and experiment with the different suggestions until you find the ones that work for you.

Do you have any creative ways for incorporating prayer into your every day? Do share! I’d love to find new suggestions for growing in my relationship with the Lord.

*If you are  having difficulty getting up in the morning, you may have to re-think your evenings! Are you going to bed too late? Can you re-arrange things so you can get to bed earlier? Of course, if You are a night person, praying at night instead of the morning will work for you instead. πŸ™‚

**Another idea would be to do a “kid’s swap” with another mom. You take her kids for an hour or two one day a week and she takes your kids on another day of the week. This is a great way to give both moms a break. (Just try not to cheat and run errands or do other things when you could be praying!)

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  1. Those are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I am new to your blog and am planning to check out your archives!!

  2. SimpleCatholic says

    Thank you Alicia!

    I enjoyed checking out your blog as well. I love the 100 goals in 1001 days idea.

  3. Great ideas! I really love the restroom one, because with five kids, it’s often the only place that I’m alone during the day. I can hang an aspiration or prayer in there for my “alone” time.
    Barb@My Daily Round…recently posted…weeky nature study- june 30- 2010My Profile

  4. SimpleCatholic says

    Thank you Barb!

  5. Great tips! I like the restroom one. I work in an office and often use the time walking to and from the restroom for prayers. It seems icky to pray while actually in there…but I guess God is everywhere!

    I am an Episcopalian and have prayer beads similar to a rosary. In cold weather, I keep them in my coat pocket so that whenever I’m walking somewhere and put my hands into my pockets, I remember to pray.

    A few years ago, I read an article that said, “Advent is the season of waiting. Pray whenever you find yourself waiting.” I now focus on this every Advent and sometimes remember it in other seasons too. I pray while waiting for water to boil, for a bus, in a line, etc. If nothing else is on my mind, I pray for individual strangers: “Guide them to what they need, and let me see any way I may be able to help them.”
    ‘Becca…recently posted…Pizza Box Stained GlassMy Profile

  6. SimpleCatholic says

    Thanks for your comment ‘Becca. The Advent suggestion of praying while you wait is awesome, thanks for sharing that! I’ll have to try and keep that in mind. πŸ™‚

  7. We often pray the rosary in the car. I like your post it note idea. I also pray ejaculations when doing repetitive tasks.
    Christy…recently posted…How to Make Stock from Chicken FeetMy Profile

  8. SimpleCatholic says

    Thanks for your comment, Christy!

  9. I often pray in the bathroom! I have a little note in the bathroom for when I first get up in the morning to help me start the day with positive thoughts; when I use the bathroom before we head out the door, I pray for God to be with me on my quest; and when it’s my only quiet time of the day, I’ll linger in the bathroom and share my thoughts and requests with the Lord.

    Thanks for the other ideas for grabbing time with the Lord!
    Eos Mom…recently posted…Linky Love 3My Profile

  10. I like to use little things to remind me to pray. When I hear a siren, I pray for safety. When I hear a watch beep, I take a minute to reconnect my heart to God’s. When I’m about to lose my temper, I pray for peace.
    Ashley…recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday- Link ChallengeMy Profile

  11. SimpleCatholic says

    Thank you “Eos Mom” and Ashley for stopping by and adding your comments. πŸ™‚

  12. These ideas are great! I need to have a rosary cd for the car and when I do housework.
    Sylvia…recently posted…Sunday Snippets 11-21-2010My Profile

  13. Great list Carol! Some of the items are similar to mine and I like the ones that I do not have – exercise – in bed – . Thanks!
    Colleen…recently posted…Invitations to the FeastMy Profile

  14. Oh my goodness, I really love making a prayer appointment and leaving notes around the house. I already do that, writing affirmations on post its and leaving them every where!

    Over the last few months I’ve been introducing my children to prayer. I really want them to have a great relationship with God. I want to gift them with their own bibles, do you have any suggestions? They’re 9 & 7.
    Golda Smith…recently posted…Getting Organized While Working Full-TimeMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      My son is 6 and I use a couple of picture bibles with him but I don’t have them handy. I’ll find them sometime today or tomorrow and email you the titles. πŸ™‚


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