Thankful Box

Thankful Box

This is Andrew’s version of this idea. We are going to put the box in a prominent place. Each day everyone one in the family can write what they are thankful for on a piece of paper and put it in the box and then I’ll have Andrew read each one aloud on Thanksgiving Day.

(I know our box isn’t nearly as nice as the one I linked to, but our version of the box was Andrew’s idea and craftsmanship. He’s happy with it and that’s what matters! 🙂 )

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Summer Memories in Pictures

Wow! I can’t believe the summer is pretty much over. July and August seemed to just fly by so quickly! I thought I’d preserve a little of summer by putting together a few pictures of my family having some summer fun:

At the beach:


My Andrew



At my sister’s house:


My cousin


My husband


Sister and Mom


My niece

At the Pool:


My dad


My son and nieces

At the Boardwalk:


My son


My son

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OH Deer!

My friend Jen has an automatic camera set up in her backyard in Virginia and here’s what came out one day:

Deer 1


deer 2


deer 3


deer 4

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Wordless Wednesday: Big Pants to Fill!

big pants

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Wordless Wednesday: Medieval Times! (Part One)

We surprised Andrew and took him to the Medieval Times and Tournament. It was so much fun, although he was kind of shy and it took a while before he would even wear the crown! We also had him “knighted” but he wasn’t too happy about doing that either. I think us adults had a better time than he did. LOL!  Oh, well! (In his “defense” I found out when we got home that he wasn’t feeling well.)

Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures didn’t come out very well. It was dark and my camera was acting funny, so excuse some of the blurriness of a few of the pictures.

medieval people

Staff dressed in medieval garments.

Hawk Lady

Hawk Lady


Knight in shining armor (no one's inside!)

Me and my king!

Me and my King. 🙂

Royalty chairs

Royalty Chairs

Next week I’ll share a few pictures of the inside arena and Andrew’s “knighting” ceremony. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday: Scenic Beauty

Here are a few pictures of my friend’s backyard, who lives in VA. These were take soon after the Christmas snowstorm:

Winter wonderland

winter wonderland 2

jens backyard

jens backyard

Jens house

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Wordless Wednesday: Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Here’s an overview shot of the inside of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus located in downtown Atlanta, GA (which is much more beautiful than the outside!):

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

I wish I had the time to take some close-up and detailed shots of the various statues, the ceiling, the altar and, especially the face of Jesus on the crucifix (which stunning); but, alas, I didn’t. Maybe another time!

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Wordless Wednesday: The Leaning Tower of Snowman!

When we were visiting our family in NJ for Christmas, my mom gave my son a snowman kit. With the 30 inches of snow NJ got during Christmas, he was able to make use of the kit right away. 🙂 My father-in-law and Andrew built a big snowman; however, the day after they built it, the snowman started leaning. Instead of the leaning tower of Pisa, we had the leaning tower of snowman!

Here’s how the snowman looked when they built it (pictures courtesy of my father-in-law):



And this is what it looked like when it started leaning (pictures courtesy of my father-in-law):



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Wordless Wednesday: Live Nativity

Sort of. 🙂 There’s a Christian church that does a life-size nativity scene every year. They don’t use “regular” people, just mannequins; however, they use live animals.

live nativity 1

live nativity 2

live nativity 3

live nativity 4

live nativity

live nativity 6

Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Prince

My son has outgrown his naps; however, today he was up before 6 am and yawning, rubbing his eyes and having tantrums/melt-downs by 9 am, so yeah, today he was taking a nap: like it or not! He is so cute sleeping (aren’t they all?!) so I snapped a couple of pics. (He’s sleeping in my room with his pillow sticking out of decorative pillow. Andrew was very adamant that the pillows be just as he wanted it!)

sleeping prince

sleeping prince 1

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