Simple Woman’s Daybook (October 7, 2010)

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FOR TODAY…Thursday, October 7

Outside my window…the weather is perfect!

I am thinking…how much I love the fall season!

From the learning rooms…we are plugging along way ahead of schedule – and having fun, too! Gratefully, Andrew loves home-school and tries to get me me to do school on the weekends! Um, no!

From the kitchen…I’m nearing the end of my second week of Intermittent Fasting. I had a few hard days but over all, It is going very well and easier than I expected it to be.

I am wearing…the most comfortable flip flops I ever had that a friend bought for me a year ago. She bought them at K-Mart and I haven’t been able to find them since; which is too bad because I wanted to buy a couple more pairs of them.

I am creating…space. I am re-vamping my schedule so that I can spend more time in prayer and scripture reading. I am weeding out some of the “little things” that I have let get in the way of some more important things.

I am going…nowhere. 🙁 We only have one car and my husband has it for work. (I’m not complaining though, I’m grateful he is working.)

I am reading…from my blog reader. I have lots of blog reading to catch up on!

I am hoping…kids club isn’t canceled again next week! Andrew loves it and I love the little break it gives me each week.

I am hearing…The Biggest Loser. I am writing this Wednesday night as I watch a little television. I have a DVR, so I rarely watch a show live!

Around the house…we had to deal with a water-bug problem. Yuck! Over the last few weeks we kept finding around our apartment. One even fell on me a few weeks ago! (can you say gross??) It completely freaked me out and now every time I go in a room I inspect it for bugs.  Apparently, there are a lot of them around here where I live – especially in this apartment complex.

One of my favorite things…books. I don’t get to do a lot of reading nowadays, but reading is definitely my favorite past-time. I just pray that Andrew grows up loving books as much as I do. 🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week…nothing exciting; but, on Saturday some friends in OH are getting together and we will be doing a video call to see/say hello. The webcam is definitely a wonderful way of staying in touch with friends and family.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…I posted this already recently, but it is so cute I am going to post it again!

Andrew Couch

Simple Woman’s Daybook

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FOR TODAY: Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outside my window…It’s back into the early 90’s degree weather. I so enjoyed the cooler weather the last few days!

I am thinking…If my son doesn’t slow down with his school work, we’ll be done with kindergarten by Christmas! I am glad that he is having fun and gaining confidence in the learning process, though. I don’t want to force him to slow down either, and dampen his spirit, so for now, I am letting him go at his own pace. I’m sure he’ll slow down eventually!

I am thankful for…time spent with my husband. His work schedule is such that we don’t get to spend a lot of time together; but we are very grateful that he has a job – so we aren’t complaining! It just makes our time together that much more precious.

From the learning rooms…We are working our way through the Catholic Heritage Curricula, grade kindergarten.

From the kitchen…I’m serving baked chicken, tuna casserole, Shepard’s pie and homemade pizza (ours will be a pineapple pizza, Andrew’s favorite) for dinners this week.

I am creating…I am ashamed to admit that I am still working on the scarf I am knitting for a friend. {sigh} I was hoping to have it done by now, but haven’t had the time to knit in a long while.

I am going…to get some much needed alone time! My dear Michael already told me he is going to take Andrew out for a few hours along for some father/son bonding! I already have a list of things I want to do when I have the alone time, but I am also tempted to take the time to just veg out!

I am reading…lots of kids books! I guess it comes with the territory of having a 5 year old. 😉 I do have a few grown-up books lined up that I want to read. Don’t want my mind turning to mush! lol!

Living the Liturgical Year…Yesterday, in the Catholic Church, we honored the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (her birthday!). Besides saying extra prayers to Our Lady, Andrew helped me make a cake and we sang happy birthday to her. 🙂

I am hearing…the rosary being prayed on EWTN.

Around the house…School books, school crafts, school stuff, school stuff, and more school stuff!!

One of my favorite things…I may have said this before but I cherish every moment I am cuddling with my son talking, playing and/or reading. Even when we have days where his behavior is less than stellar (!), cuddling seems to make it all melt away.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing (one of my favorite pictures of Jesus)…Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me a sinner!

Simple Woman’s Daybook: August 3, 2010

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FOR TODAY…Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Outside my window…there’s noise from our upstairs neighbors. They can be a bit loud and heavy footed when coming down the stairs. lol!

I am thankful for…Michael finding employment! He starts tomorrow. Thank you, Lord!

From the kitchen…Simple and quick meals this week! I want to do some baking again, too – if I can find the time.

I am wearing…my usual attire: long skirt, long-sleeved blouse, snood. I am discerning the level of “plain catholic-ness” that Lord is calling me to live. That’s a whole blog post (or series!) in itself, though. 🙂

I am creating…lesson plans and schedules for home-school. We home school year-round, but now that Andrew is kind of in first grade, we are starting a more structured program.

I am reading…Mostly blog posts, home schooling material, and the bible (always the bible!).

I am hoping…Our homeschooling year goes smoothly. Especially the reading. Andrew loves when I read to him, but when it comes to him practicing his letters, he can be quite uncooperative. 😯

I am hearing…the dishwasher. How can only three people make so many dirty dishes!

Around the house…there is clutter. Clutter used to bother me; but, now, I’d rather have a cluttered home and a happy family, than a sparkling house and an unhappy family. 🙂

One of my favorite things…vanilla ice cream! There’s nothing like a scoop (or two or three!) of quality vanilla ice cream. Well, actually, almost any ice cream, really! Ice cream is definitely my downfall. lol!

A few plans for the rest of the week… Nothing exciting. Just our usual routine.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…(“Somewhere, over the rainbow….”)


(Found photo here.)

Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 20, 2010 Edition

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FOR TODAY…July 20, 2010

Outside my window…it’s shady thanks to the lovely trees. 🙂

I am thankful for…the gift of freedom. We are truly blessed to live in our country. I don’t think we always realize how fragile this gift of freedom is, though.

From the learning rooms…I totally slacked in homeschooling last week. Only did school on Monday and then took the rest of the week off. I need to buckle down and finish so we can take a longer break before officially starting Andrew in kindergarten.

From the kitchen…Tacos for dinner tonight. My son loves when we do tacos!

I am going…to vote! It’s our state’s primary for Governor, Senate and Congressman. May the conservatives prevail! 🙂

I am reading…St. Louis De Montfort’s “Total Consecration to Mary” in preparation for the annual renewal of my total consecration on August 22nd.

I am hoping…Michael will get the job he interviewed for last week. Please pray! He has a second interview today at 8:30am, so here’s hoping he’ll get a job offer!

Around the house…I have spiral notebooks and papers spewed about the couch and end table. I don’t have an official office here in our apartment, so I divide my work space between the dining room table and the couch. 🙂

One of my favorite things…is goldenrod wild flowers. Some people consider them weeds but I think they are beautiful!

A few plans for the rest of the week…are food shopping, laundry…same ole, same ole…

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…(The trees behind our apartment. It was raining when I took the picture – that’s why there are dots.)


Simple Woman’s Daybook: July 13 Edition

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FOR TODAY…Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outside my window…is buggy. I went outside yesterday to sweep our little patio and in only three days it was already full of cob webs, ants and creepy crawlers. Exciting for my son but so gross to me! Can you say ICK?!

I am thinking…that I need to get back into the exercise groove – especially the stretching. I’ve been slacking and can tell in how I feel. I have mild CP and if I don’t stretch, it can make the difference in being able to walk or not.

I am thankful for…the gift of faith. Believe this: God loves you no matter what. He has created you and you are unrepeatable and precious!

From the kitchen…Nothing exciting, just following this week’s menu plan.

I am wearing…gray ankle-length skirt, light blue top and snood.

I am creating…a new website! I’m very excited about this. (Info to be forthcoming soon…)

I am hearing…the sounds of the central air conditioning and country music.

One of my favorite things…is learning! I love learning about people, new places and new skills.

A few plans for the rest of the week…We are planning to take Andrew to see Toy Story 3 this week. I think I’m more excited about it than he is! lol!

Here is picture (video!) for thought I am sharing…This is too cute not to share (found at the Swag Bucks Blog)

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: July 6th Edition

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FOR TODAY…Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Outside my window…it’s super sunny and HOT!!!

I am thinking…that I can’t believe we are over half way through with 2010. Where has the time gone? It feels like time is flying by at warped speed. It would do me well to remember that each moment we have is truly precious.

I am thankful for…my wonderful family.

From the learning rooms…Andrew has only 8 lessons left in the “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” book. I am so proud of the hard work he has been putting into learning how to read!

From the kitchen…I’m planning to do some baking this week. I want to bake some bread, some brownies for the Lord’s Day and make more of Ina Garten’s granola bars. (My family *loves* these!)

I am wearing…a black and white dotted skirt, white long-sleeved shirt and snood.

I am creating…homemade cards to send to some family and friends who are ill.

I am reading…The Gospel according to Luke.

I am hearing…Nothing! As I write this, my hubby and Andrew are still fast asleep. 🙂

Around the house…The house is actually tidied up – until Andrew gets up at least!

One of my favorite things…is curling up on the couch with a cup of herbal tea and a good book!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Homeschooling, baking, cleaning and probably heading to the library. I also want to organize my crafting and knitting supplies.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…(found this picture here while looking for something else.)