Finding Joy Update Six: Rejoice in the Lord Always

Rejoice in the Lord Always, Again I say Rejoice. Philippians 4:4

We are exhorted by Saint Paul to rejoice always, no matter what our circumstances. And, I think this is a lesson the Lord was trying to teach me this week.

In many ways it was a rough week. So rough, I almost didn’t write this post. There was stress upon stress, culminating with my husband landing in the emergency room – where he is now as I write this.

Still, there has been joy. Joy in little moments. Joy with my son. Joy with the family. Joy in the Lord. The joy comes from the understanding¬† and peace knowing that God is in charge.¬† I can’t control the craziness surrounding me, but I can control how I respond.

Surrender. Trust. Believe. May HIS will be done, NOT mine.

**Just to let you know that my husband is finally home from the hospital. They didn’t have to admit him, thank the Lord.
(If you want to know why I’m looking for joy or missed an update you can find previous posts here.)