Prayer to Keep the Presence of God

“You will show me the path to life, fullness of joys in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever.” Psalm 16:11

Remaining in God’s presence during the day is a very important aspect of the spiritual life. I know for myself, I want – and need – to stay grounded in His presence; but alas, I fail short so many times.


Then I started praying this prayer that I found in the book Handbook of Prayer (aff link page 43). I’ve been praying this prayer first thing in the morning for a while now, and I am so pleased that my mind keeps going back to this prayer during the day! In hopes that this prayer will help you remain in God’s presence, I want to share this with you. ( The author is not listed, so I don’t know who the author is):

Prayer to Keep the Presence of God

“Lord God Almighty, You have brought us safely to the beginning of this day. Defend us today by Your mighty power, so that we may not fall into any sin, and that all our words may so proceed and all our thoughts and actions be so directed as to be always just in your sight. through Christ our Lord. Amen.”


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