Please Pray for my Hubby – Update

My husband was admitted to the hospital Saturday night (early Sunday morning). After being sick for several days, he went to the emergency room on Thursday, but was released several hours later with no diagnosis. Instead of getting better he got worse and wound up back in the emergency room around 4pm Saturday afternoon. They did a CAT scan and discovered an infection, so they decided to keep him overnight.

When we went to visit him this morning, we found out that they discovered a mass on his stomach. The are keeping him until tomorrow at least until they get an x-ray and ultrasound done. They did the x-ray (no results, yet) today and doing the ultrasound tomorrow.

Please pray that they discover what the mass is AND that whatever it is, it isn’t serious. In the meantime, husband is comfortable and thanks to the pain medicine, very happy and loopy. 🙂

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: The ultrasound showed no mass, just inflammation, praise God. After some hefty antibiotics, my husband is home and feeling much better. He was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon and back to work Thursday. Such a relief! Thanks again for the prayers!