Book Review and Giveaway: This Little Light of Mine by Kathleen M. Basi

I am a big fan of Kathleen’s blog and absolutely loved her Advent book, Joy to the World, so I was thrilled when Kathleen asked if I would review her latest book, This Little Light of Mine, Living the Beatitudes and do a giveaway.

From the description:

“‘Ordinary Time is make-or-break time for one’s faith. This is when we choose to be committed feet-on-the-ground Christians, or slide into mediocrity.’ When the manger or the cross are front and center, it’s easy to pay attention to our faith. Kathleen M. Basi explains how to keep the light of faith burning brightly in your family during the other two-thirds of the liturgical year, Ordinary Time.”

My thoughts:

This Little Light of Mine is a small, compact book chock-full of insights and activities to help the whole family live out the Catholic faith in ordinary time.

Each chapter is based on one of the Beatitudes but within each chapter there are reflections on the Sacraments and Ten Commandments as well. I love how Kathleen included reflections geared toward the children and reflections for the adults which allows one to go even deeper into the specific topic being writing about.

Each chapter also has “Just Live It” sections that give practical ideas and activities the whole family can do to put the reflections into action and make visible the truths we are talking about together. For example, there is a pattern in the back of the book for a making a mobile of the 12 fruits of the Spirit and 7 gifts of the Spirit; there suggestions for devotions such as Eucharistic Adoration and having an anniversary dinner as a family. As a practical person, I loved those “Just Live It” sections. When I read a spiritual book, I am always asking myself how I can put what I read into practice or asking how what I am reading applies to daily life. With This Little Light of Mine, the answers were supplied before I even asked the questions. 🙂

Don’t let the practical nature of this book fool you, though. It is a “small but mighty” book that touches on such topics as the meaning of suffering, sin and persecution. It also touches on mercy, forgiveness and “living faith in the modern world.”

This Little Light of Mine is a must-read for anyone looking to live their faith during “boring days of ordinary time.” I give this book five (5) stars.

About the Giveaway:

Kathleen and Liguori Publications have given me one copy of This Little Light of Mine to giveaway! It will run from today until next Tuesday, May 7th, when I will pick a winner via Rafflecopter. (I have class in the morning so will pick the winner in the afternoon.)

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Book Review: Joy to the World by Kathleen M. Basi

Joy to the World: Advent Activities for Your Family has been on my (LONG!) list of books to buy and read so I was thrilled when I won it during one of RAnn’s Christmas in September giveaways.

Every year when the second week in November comes, I start to think about Advent and Christmas (Like many of us). I resolve to make Advent the spiritual season it was meant to be and NOT to get caught up in the secular, materialistic celebration of the season. This resolve has been particularly paramount the last few years as Andrew has become more aware of Christmas.

Alas, most years I start strong but has the weeks pass I get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas, and lose focus. I get harried and rush and basically just try to survive the craziness. Then Christmas comes and I’m exhausted and wondering where the last few weeks went.

Hopefully, this year will be different since I will be taking a different approach and using this book. Joy to the World: Advent Activities for Your Family is a small, but jam-packed book, that offers a selection of activities and suggestions for making Advent meaningful – and I can hardly wait to get started!

In this book, Kathleen reminds us of the “unique place Advent holds in the Christian calendar” – especially for us Catholics. BUT, she is is practical and shows us how to keep Advent in its place by showing us how to interject the Advent spirit into the many activities and obligations we have in preparing for Christmas. The result is the perfect marriage between the secular and spiritual aspects of the season!

Using traditional Advent activities, Kathleen outlines a daily plan that incorporates a morning and evening ritual, including a “good deeds” manger. The suggestions are simple; and yet, if we allow them, we may find ourselves deepening our relationship with the Lord – which is the purpose of Advent.

Besides the myriad of suggestions, there are two things I particularly appreciated about this book. First, is the reminder that in Advent we focus on BOTH of Christ’s comings: His birth and His second coming at the end of the world. And second, is the explanation of the Jesse tree. I’ve heard of the Jesse Tree, but it wasn’t a tradition in my family growing up so I never understood what it was about. Now I’m looking forward to starting this tradition in our family. 🙂

I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars.

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