Books Read in February 2016

If you read Monday’s post, you know that last week was CRAZY, and now I feel so behind! That is why I am getting this post out in the 2nd week of March instead of the 1st. 🙂

Books Read in February 2016

Amazingly, I did a fair amount of reading in February:

Trim Healthy Mama – very good!

An Amish Year – very good, too.

Choosing Joy – Like I wrote in the post, this one is a MUST READ

How to Get Honest Reviews – This is an excellent book that I hope to implement soon.

The Healing of Families – I’m still not sure how I feel about this book. There were a lot of good points but there were also some areas where I questioned the theology. I need to process this book a little more before making a final judgement.

Feels Like Love: A Snow Valley Romance – This is a Christmas story and although I know Christmas is over, I read it anyway. It is a cute and clean romance story.

Sugar Detox: Uncovering the Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle… – There were a lot of problems in this book including way too much repetition. It also read too much like a commercial. The concept is good and I have personal experience with sugar as an addiction  and the few recipes at that end that I tried were good but not enough to recommend the book.

How I Sold 80,000 Books – Got lots of great marketing ideas from this book!

Book Publishing for Beginners – This book is okay. There are some good ideas but, and I hate to write this, it was kind of boring. It was basically a play-by-play of a few of his book launches without much else. I wouldn’t recommend this book either.

Yes, I really read all those  nine books this month! Several of those books weren’t very long and I had lots of “pockets” of time where I was able to read for a bit.

Books I’m Planning to Read in March

I am not planning to do much reading in March, per se, unless I have unexpected reading time like I did in February. But here are the few (Not including the bible study):

The Power of Broke – I am reading this for the Blogging for Books review program

The Excellent Wife – I am reading this with some fellow homeschooling moms as a book study. So far, it has been very challenging – in a good way!

Living with Intent: How to Choose Joy and Success, and Change Your Life in 7 Days – I found the book free on Amazon and decided to check it out. The title is certainly interesting. 🙂

What are you reading this month? Do share!


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Books Read in January 2016

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Books Read in January 2016

I decided for 2016 that I am going to be a little more intentional in the books that I read. I plan to read at least one book on marriage and one book related to writing or business per month plus continue with book reviews. All in all, I will probably read fewer books this year but I am okay with that. I am going for quality over quantity here.

In that vein, I’ve completed three books in January:


Green Smoothies: This was for a book review and the recipes in this book are delicious! If you like smoothies and/or juicing, or just curious about juicing, you may want to take a peek at this book.

Writing with Power

Writing with Power by Peter Elbow: This volume is chock-full of ideas and techniques for writing well and quickly. Elbow outlines several versions of the writing process and the editing process. A must read for any author/writer.

Better Forever

Better Forever by Gregory Popcak: One of the best books on marriage that I’ve read in a long time. This book is great for those who are engaged and for those who have been married a long time.

Of course, I’ve also read the introduction for the Mercy Bible Study I blogging through.

Books I’m Reading in February

The Healing of Families

How to Get Honest Reviews

An Amish Year

What books are you reading this month? Do share in the comments!


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