No One is Hopeless

Do you have loves ones away from the faith? I do. I have family members who haven’t been inside a church for years. I pray and pray sometimes and wonder if they will ever “get it”. It can be disheartening at times. But, God knows. He is in charge.  With faith, we must believe they will come back.

Miracles Happen

We have a model of faith and perseverance in St. Monica, whose feast day we will celebrate this Saturday (August 27). She is the mother of St. Augustine (whose feast day would have been the 28th if it wasn’t a Sunday). St. Monica prayed for many years for years for her son to come to the faith. But, not just him. Her marriage was arranged and so she was married to a violent pagan with a terrible temper. He did not take kindly her her Catholic faith either and for many years treated her unkindly. St. Monica prayed and prayed and he, too, came to repentance before his death.

We may or may not live to see our loved ones return to the faith; but, we must continue steadfastly in prayer, sacrifice and love knowing it is pleasing to the Lord.

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