Have You Seen These “Dolls From Heaven?”

They are so cute! Seriously, they make me almost wish I had a daughter. LOL!


St. Therese

This doll of St. Therese is the first in a line of dolls to be created by the Kiczek family. The Kiczeks are a Catholic, pro-life family seeking to help raise up a generation of future saints! Besides the doll, there are even accessories, a book about St. Therese, and an additional outfit for purchase.

The additional outfit is an adorable “Sunday Best” outfit:


The doll is affordable and no doubt will be a source of inspiration for your girls in helping them develop a relationship with the Lord.

You can preorder the book here and you can find more about the dolls here. (Make sure you watch the promotional video.)


*I am NOT being compensated for this post nor am I an affiliate for this product. I am promoting these dolls because I think they would make a great addition to any Catholic family. I also love to do my part in supporting pro-life, catholic families. 🙂

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival ( June 10, 2012)

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Mother Mary(Photo Credit)

Mary: Queen of Heaven

“She lives now and is protecting us. She is there in heaven, body and soul, with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit…But we should never think that this sublime greatness of hers makes her inaccessible to us. She is the one who is full of grace and the sum of all perfections…and she is also our Mother.” –St. Jose Maria Escriva

Offering: Praying the Hail Holy Queen, devoutly and with attention, several times during the day.

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