Happy Birthday to my Sweet Boy!

Andrew in Park

As of 5:20 am this morning, my crazy, antsy, head-strong, fantastically amazing little boy is officially SIX years old! Like most moms, I remember his birth like it was yesterday – especially since it ended up with an emergency c-section and we almost lost him. Somehow during or right before labor my little one swallowed meconium, blocking his airways and causing other complications. He was on 100 % oxygen but he was weaned from it rather quickly, thanks to the prayers of many people!

Now, six years later he is growing in endless, wonderful ways – free from any complications of his birth. He is smart and fun, and such a joy. I can’t even imagine how I ever  lived my life without him. 🙂

Please say a little prayer for my dear little boy that he may grow up to be a holy and happy person. That he will always have a heart for the Lord and know God’s will for his life. Thank you!

Blessing of a Child

Heavenly Father, lover of all,
we praise you for giving us Jesus as our Saviour:
He blessed the children who came to Him,
and welcomes those who come to Him now.

Look with love upon Andrew.
and protect him with Your love.
May he grow in wisdom and age and strength
in Your presence and in the sight of all.

We ask this blessing, Father,
through Your beloved Son, Christ our Lord.



(Found this lovely prayer over at catholicdoors.com)