All Saints Day

All Saints Day is this Sunday, November 1. It is a glorious solemnity wherein the Catholic Church celebrates all of the saints, known and unknown. It is definitely one of my favorite Solemnities in the liturgical calendar. This year, since it falls on Sunday, it is a holy day of obligation (as are all Sundays).

Celebrating All Saints Day

Image by kropekk_pl (2009) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

Sadly, here in the United States, if All Saints Day falls during the week it is no longer a holy day of obligation. I almost wish it was always a holy day of obligation because it is a wonderful thing to celebrate all the saints, whether they have been officially canonized or not. Why? Because they are where we want to be! They “fought the good fight,” won the battle, and now live forever with the Triune God. That’s worth celebrating if you ask me. 😉

One way to celebrate (besides going to Mass, of course!), is to pray the Litany of the Saints. It is such a beautiful prayer – and even more beautiful when sung! Here is a lovely version that I found on YouTube:

Another great way to celebrate is to read up on a saint (or few) that you do not know about yet. The Church has lifted up many saints as examples for us and when we read about them we can get inspired. Here are a few of my favorite saints.

For information about the history of All Saints Day, go here and here. Speaking of history, did you know that the word Halloween came from “All Hallow’s Eve?” It originally was a day of fasting and preparation for all Saints Day; however, over the years it unfortunately evolved to the scary, spooky, commercial day it is now.

(Yep, I am not a fan of Halloween. I don’t like all the emphasis on ghouls and scary things. I know it is supposed to be fun but I don’t see anything fun about glorifying evil in any way – even in jest – because there is nothing glorious or good about evil. Anyone with me or am I the only one?)


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Wordless Wednesday: Waaayyy too much Candy!

My 5 year old was so excited about going trick or treating for the first time this year, that the day after Halloween he felt the need to spread out most of the candy on floor of the kitchen / dining area so he could look at it! lol! He eventually took all the candy we had and grouped them into piles: some with the same type of candy and others to separate out the candy he didn’t like! (There were too many piles of them to take pictures of them all.)

This is the candy that he got when he went trick or treating. The pumpkin was full!

Halloween candy 1

This is some of the candy we bought to give out. We had some kids come, but not nearly as many as I thought we would.

Halloween candy 2

The candy on the left is more of the candy we bought and the candy on the right is the candy he got during the Halloween egg hunt hosted by our apartment complex.

Halloween candy 3

We have so much candy it will probably last until next Halloween!

This is a picture of my little guy in his Halloween costume: Optimus Prime (character from the Transformer movies).

Halloween costume

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Fearless Friday: Praying for the Children

I’m not a big fan of Halloween. My husband (and tons others, of course) see it as harmless fun; but not me. So much of Halloween glorifies evil and anything that glorifies evil or darkness bothers me. The costumes are often immodest and honestly, the logic in me thinks the idea of begging for candy when I can just go out and buy it myself is dumb. 😯

Of course, I have a 5 year old, who doesn’t understand my reasoning, so yes, he has a new transformers costume and I’ll probably take him out trick-or-treating for a little bit. Our apartment complex is hosting a Halloween egg hunt (I’ve never heard of that before!) and I’ll take him to that.

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying that I will be praying today for all those who will be celebrating Halloween – young and old. I pray that everyone will be safe and maybe even maybe take a moment to remember what Halloween really is: All Hallow’s Eve. The eve of All Saints Day. 🙂

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