Our Catholic Traditions: First Saturday Devotions

I have talked about the First Friday Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus before, and today I want to talk about its complimentary devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is another beautiful and grace-filled devotion that Catholics should know about.

Immaculate Heart of Mary
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What is the First Saturday Devotion?

The first Saturday devotion is a devotion that was specifically requested by the Blessed Mother during her apparitions at Fatima, Portugal. She said to Lucia:

“I shall come to ask… that on the First Saturday of every month, Communions of reparation be made in atonement for the sins of the world.”

Devotion Requirements

There are four (4) practices “required” for this devotion (all done with the specific intention of making reparation for sins):

1. Sacrament of Reconciliation. Going to confession before the first Saturday, on the first Saturday or a few days after is okay.

2. Receiving Holy Communion. Communion can be received outside of mass, but the communicant must be in the state of grace at the time communion is received.

3. Praying a 5 decade rosary. The Joyful Mysteries are traditionally said on Saturdays, but the Glorious Mysteries would be nice for this devotion, too.

4. Meditation for 15 minutes on the Mysteries of the Rosary. This meditation is an addition to, not a part of, your regular rosary for this devotion.


We can never outdo our Lord or our Lady in generosity. However, Our Lady promises us a very special gift for practicing this devotion for five (5) consecutive months:

“I promise to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation.”

Further Reading

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I know that Saturdays can be tough. Sports, activities, etc. often fall on Saturdays. Believe me, I know this by experience. Truthfully, I miss out on this devotion more often than not! Still, if you can participate in this devotion, I know you will be blessed!


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