Product Review: Saint Scripts Series 3

I have had the privilege of reviewing a few of the products from Equipping Catholic Families such as Journey with the Saints, Lingo Bingo, and Super Saints. Andrew had a lot of fun with those products; therefore, when Monica offered me the chance to review the Saint Scripts Series 3, I readily agreed.

To be honest, when I first downloaded the product, I thought maybe they were a little too young for Andrew. He is 10 now and he is not into coloring very much. He has also gotten a little picky about what games he likes to play so I was concerned that he may give me a hard time about coloring/using the Saint Scripts. Wrong! I was way wrong. Andrew LOVED these cards!

Saint Scripts 3 Saint Brendan

Andrew looking through the cards

When he saw me cutting out the cards he said, “Oh, these are just like the other saint games we have!” Then he ran to get his colored pencils. It did my heart good to see him enthusiastically reading about each saint and then deciding that he wanted to color in Saint Brendan and Saint Gemma.

Saint Scripts Series 3

Andrew coloring in the blank cards of St. Brendan and St. Gemma

I haven’t gotten them laminated yet, but for now we are using the cards as flash cards so that Andrew can get to know some of the saints. I am also thinking of printing out a second set so with can use them as a sort of saint “go-fish” card game. (Go-Fish is still one of Andrew’s favorite card games!)

As always, Andrew wanted to have his say about the product and he said, “I really like the cards. Reading about the saints was fun. I don’t like to color but I didn’t mind coloring a couple of the saint cards. I want to use the cards to play a card game.

He also told me to give the product four (4) stars and I agree. The Saint Series 3 is lovely and would be a fun addition every catholic household. 🙂 *


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*Thanks to Monica for providing me a complimentary copy of the Saint Scripts Series 3 printable. I was not required to give a positive review. My opinions are my own.

Product Review: Super Saints Craft Kit and Giveaway

About the Super Saints Craft Kit

The Super Saints Craft kit is a set of 54 saint cards that gives families a fun way to learn about the lives of the saints. It also comes with rules for two games, Super Saints Stats and Super Saints Showdown.


My Comments

In the past, I have reviewed two products from Equipping Catholic families, Lingo Bingo and Journey with Jesus: Sacraments. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to review the Super Saints Craft kit, I was happy to do so. In addition, because I enjoyed Lingo Bingo and journey with Jesus, I had high standards for the kit. I am happy to report that the Super Saints Craft kit not only met my expectations, but exceeded them.

Now, I didn’t  have the time or have the chance to professionally print the cards at Staples or Office max, so I printed them out myself. I pretty much used up all my ink, but I wanted to try out the cards and get the review up in time for you to participate in the giveaway. It was worth it, and I’m glad I printed them out; however, I highly recommend you get them professionally printed and laminated so that they are sturdier and easier to play with.

And play we did! It was a lot of fun to play the games and I learned just as much as Andrew did about the saints. The craft gift is a game that we will play over and over again. The cards are adorable and contain simple and interesting facts that are easy to memorize.

Also, I can see the cards as being very versatile. For example, I am thinking that I may print out two copies of the cards and using them as Catholic version of “go fish.” They can also just be used as simple flash cards. I am pretty sure that those who are more creative than I will come up with better ideas of their own.

So, as you may have guessed, I definitely recommend the craft kit and give it four (4) stars.

The Giveaway

To celebrate the release of these Super Saints Craft Kits, Monica is hosting a giveaway. You can win a $40 gift card for any of the Catholic printables on The giveaway ends tomorrow (Thursday, August 20) at 11pm, so don’t delay in getting in your entry!


Product Review: Lingo Bingo

Lingo Bingo

Lingo Bingo is a Catholic-style Bingo game and craft that helps teach children the correct names for the various vestments and vessels used at mass and some sacramentals of our faith (such as the scapular).

I’m not a big fan of bingo. I never was; however, we had a blast with Lingo Bingo! First we colored some of the pages:

Coloring Lingo Bingo


Completed coloring page for Lingo Bingo

Then we cut out the game pieces:

Lingo Bingo Pieces

Then it was time to play!

Lingo Bingo board

One of the Lingo Bingo playing “boards”

A friend of mine was visiting and so she, myself and Andrew had fun playing. We each took turns calling out the name pieces while the other two played. We played regular bingo, four corners and making an X.

Lingo Bingo is a fun and easy learning tool. Not only is Andrew learning the names of the vessels, etc; I learned a few myself. I never heard of “Aspersory” and “Aspergillum” although I know the objects called by those names.

Another great thing about Lingo Bingo is that it is actually three games in one. The product page mentioned that this Lingo Bingo craft kit can also be used as a matching game and it can. We also used it to play our version of “Go Fish” (which, of course is technically a matching game, too). So, Lingo Bingo is a bingo game, traditional matching game and card game all in one. Gotta love that. 🙂

As with the Journey with Jesus: Sacrament review I did, Andrew wanted to add his two cents. Here’s what he had to say (in his exact words) about Lingo Bingo:

I like this game a lot. There was too much coloring though. I only wanted to color one page. I like bingo. Some of the words were hard to read and say. There were funny words that crack me up! I like “Go Fish” and beat my mom. I don’t like the matching game as much but I won that too. I want to play Lingo Bingo with my grandma. It is fun to play.

(Just to say, as a mom, I don’t think there was too much to color. Maybe it’s a “girl” thing, but I don’t there could be such a thing of “too much to color. LOL! Andrew never likes to color very much of anything…)

I absolutely recommend Lingo Bingo to other Catholic families and give it four (4) stars.

My thanks to Monica over at Equipping Catholic Families and Arma Dei Shoppe for giving me a copy of Lingo Bingo in exchange for a review! I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


Product Review: Journey With Jesus: Sacraments

Journey with Jesus


Monica over at was kind enough to give me the “Journey with Jesus: Sacraments” craft kit to review.

Journey with Jesus is a 23 page printable kit that teaches children about each of the 7 Sacraments as well as the Mass, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Stations of the Cross. Each page has fill in the blanks, prayers, Catechism and Scripture quotes and information regarding the Sacrament being studied. There are also pictures related to each Sacrament that the child can study. Once the pages are completed they can be made into an accordion scrapbook like in the picture above, or put into a store-bought scrapbook or one that you’ve created yourself.

My experience

So far, Andrew and I have worked on the Baptism and Sacrament of Penance pages. He is seven and will be making his First Holy Communion next year, God willing. My plan is to work on the pages as much as we can, put the scrapbook together and then revisit the book each time he receives a sacrament. And not being very creative (!) I’ve opted to just make our scrapbook out of construction paper.

So far Andrew and I have enjoyed working on the pages together. It’s been so wonderful talking about Baptism and Penance with him and watching his understanding and knowledge of our faith expand. I’ve read the Scripture and Catechism passages, having Andrew read the words he knows before he colored and glued and the pages to the construction paper.

If I had one slight criticism, it would be that the fill in the blank lines are a little too small. I’ve had to write the answers down for him because he’s not able to write that small yet. Having said, that, there really isn’t anyway to make them bigger and include everything on each page.

Andrew’s experience

When I asked Andrew how he like the craft kit, and told him I would be writing a review, he told me that he wanted to give his own review. 🙂 This is what he said:

I like this stuff, except there’s too many words I don’t know. I like the pictures to color and I like gluing.

Here are a few pictures he wanted me to take of him working on the pages:

Andrew coloring

Baptism page

Finished Baptism

Happy Andrew

I definitely recommend this Sacrament craft kit and give the program four (4) stars. 🙂