An Easy Way to Clean Your Bathtub

bathtubI have to start out by saying that I’m not a big fan of the Doctor Oz television show. There’s something a little too “pop-medicine” about it that I don’t like. (Plus most of the “games” he plays with the audience to get his point across are kinda corny!)

However, a couple of weeks ago there was an episode that caught my mother-in-law’s eye so she taped it. During the course of the show there was a segment dealing with germs and how to properly clean your surfaces to keep germs at bay. He offered this tip for cleaning and disinfecting your bathtub:

Fill your tub with water and 1 cup vinegar. Let soak overnight. In the morning drain the tub.

That’s it. The vinegar is more abrasive than other cleaners to get rid of the germs and leaves the tub with a nice shine.

Guess what? It works!

And it’s easy. No scrubbing or hurting your knees to get the tub clean. That so works for me!