31 Days With Mary: Day 7

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Mary: Our model in everyday life

“We can’t forget that Mary spent nearly every day of her life just like millions of other women who look after their families, bring up their children, and take care of their houses.” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

Offering: Completing the daily tasks of our state in life with attention and love.


31 Days With Mary: Day 5

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Mary: Her Immaculate Conception

“Mary, a virgin not only undefiled but a virgin whom grace has made inviolate, free of every stain of sin.” – St. Ambrose (388)

““God freely chose Mary from all eternity to be the Mother of his Son. In order to carry out her mission she herself was conceived immaculate. This means that, thanks to the grace of God and in anticipation of the merits of Jesus Christ, Mary was preserved from original sin from the first instant of her conception.” – Compendium of the CCC

Offering: The renewal of our baptismal vows.


31 Days With Mary: Day 3

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Mary and the Blessed Trinity

“Through the Incarnation of our Lord, in her immaculate womb, Mary, the daughter of God the Father, is also the spouse of God the Holy Spirit and the mother of God the Son.” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

Offering: A Hail Mary in honor of the Blessed Trinity as often as we can remember.

31 Days With Mary: Day 1 and 2

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May is traditionally devoted to Mary, so I decided to do the 31 day devotional that is found in my all-time favorite prayer-book, Handbook of Prayers.

How this devotional will work

Each day there will be a mini reflection to read, a short quote (from St. Jose Maria Escriva, another saint or the Bible), and a practical way to honor Our Lady for the day. The whole prayer should take about 3-5 minutes, so it’s not long, but hopefully will enrich your devotion to Mary. 🙂

In this post, you will find day one and day two’s prayers. For the rest of the month, you will one prayer for each corresponding day.

Day One

Mary: the Mother of God

“The greatest praise we can give to the Blessed virgin is to address her loudly and clearly by the name that expresses her very highest dignity: ‘Mother of God’.” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

Offering: Frequent aspirations of love, such as: “Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us.”

Day Two

Mary: The Most Perfect Creature

“She who is full of grace, the object of God’s pleasure, exalted above all the angels and the saints, lived an ordinary life.” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

Offering: Place an image or picture of our Lady in a prominent place in our home and reciting an aspiration whenever we glance at it.

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7 Ways to Honor the Blessed Mother in May

Did you know that May is traditionally the “Month of Mary” in the Catholic Church? Well, it is. 🙂

Mother Mary

Image by Peter Griffin (unknown) via Public Domain Pictures, CCO Public domain

Here are seven simple ways you can honor her his month:

1. Daily Mass.

The absolute best way to honor the Blessed Mother is to honor, love and worship her Son. If you can, try to make an extra effort to get to daily mass. If you can’t make it everyday, try to go a couple of times during the week.

2. Pray the Rosary.

The rosary is one of the most powerful prayer on earth. Try and pray the rosary every day. Pray as a family as often as you can.

3. May crowning.

If your parish (or a parish nearby) does a May crowning, do try to attend. Often there is a small procession and prayers but it isn’t usually too long. Still, it is a lovely way to show Mother Mary our love for her.

4. Pray a novena.

I found a beautiful prayer that you can say each day in the month of May. I usually do a daily devotional during the month of May. Even if you start the devotional late, it is still a lovely way to honor Our Lady. Remember, there is no time in eternity. 😉

5. Take a pilgrimage.

If there is a Marian shrine not too far from you, going for a visit or day of recollection would be a wonderful way to honor the Blessed Mother. Some shrines offer different Marian devotions during May that you could participate in if it fits your schedule as well.

6. Short aspirations.

As you go about your busy day, try to lift your heart up to the Lord and Our Lady and whisper a little prayer. Any of the invocations of the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary would make excellent aspirations.

One thing I do to help me remember to do this is to put small “sticky” notes discretely around the house. When I see them it reminds me to say a short prayer.

7. May flowers.

If you have a statue of the Blessed Mother at home, why not put some flowers at her feet? It’s a sweet way to honor Our Lady and let her know you are thinking of her.

What are your suggestions to help us honor Our Lady in May? Do share your suggestions and thoughts in the comment box!

7 Sorrows of Mary

(author of photo: Georges Jansoone (JoJan) – artwork by Adriaen Isenbrant)

Traditionally in the Catholic Church, September is dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. The Seven Sorrows of Mary represent the suffering that Our Lady endured being the mother of Jesus.

It is a beautiful devotion; one that I just recently discovered. It must be one of those hidden devotions that aren’t practiced much any more. Too bad, too. It would be good for us to remember more often the sufferings Mary endured as the mother of the Savior.

The Seven Sorrows are:

1. The Prophecy of Simeon.
2. The Flight of Jesus, Mary and Joseph into Egypt.
3. The Loss of Jesus in the Temple.
4. Mary meets Jesus on the way of the Cross.
5. Jesus dies on the Cross.
6. Mary receives the dead body of Jesus.
7. Jesus is placed in the tomb.

To find more about the devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Mary go to the Catholic Tradition website; or, go to sevensorrows.com for the biblical basis of this devotion.

May you, during this month of September, draw ever closer with our Lord Jesus. God bless you.

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

I am happy to be participating in my first Sunday Snippet. A big thanks to This That and the Other Thing blog for hosting!

Here is a brief synopsis of this week’s posts:

On Monday, I offered suggestions on how to honor the Blessed Mother during the Month of August, as it is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

On Tuesday, I shared my entry for the Simple Woman’s Day Book.

On Wednesday, it was all about organization – organizing kitchen utensils, to be exact. How do you organize yours?

On Thursday, we learned a little bit about Lectio Divina, which is is Latin for praying the scriptures.

On Friday, we were fearless. It is the day dedicated to praying for each other. It was also the feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, so my prayer theme was “Listen to Him.”

That was it for this week. I hope you all have a Blessed Sunday and a fabulous week. God bless you.

Our Lady of Grace, Pray for us!

Our Lady of Grace