Goals for 2015

Last year, in spite of knowing that I had a busy year before me, I tried to focus on being intentional, rather than Goals for 2015reactive. I have to admit that it was very challenging and I don’t think that I was particularly successful in my attempt. However, that doesn’t mean I am going to give up. This year I am going to try again, and hopefully my 3 Words will help me focus and remind me to pay attention to what is important.

At the same time, things have to get done, so here is an overview of the major things I want to accomplish this year, while trying to be realistic:

Marriage/Parenting/Home Management Goals

1. Have a date night with Michael at least once a month.

2. Send Michael a “love text” at least once a week.

3. Have focused quality time with Andrew at least 3x week (besides homeschooling and usual family time, such as chores, before bed routine, etc.)

4. Finally put up some pictures and decorate our apartment. I am a minimalist at heart, but our place is pretty bare, even by my standards. LOL! I am not much a decorator but it is about time I learn.

Personal Goals

5. Get up at 6am five days a week. Trying to force myself to get up early everyday seems to set me up for failure. So, I am hoping that giving myself grace to sleep in twice a week (Sunday and one other day), I will put less pressure on myself.

6. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading the bible and praying the rosary daily.

7. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week. We bought Andrew the Wii U for Christmas this year and it inspired me to break out my Wii Fit, so now I actually look forward to getting up to exercise.

Educational/Blogging/Business Goals

8. Keep up with my course work and graduate in May! I can’t believe it is almost over. I can’t wait!

9. Blog here at Simple Catholic Living at least once a week during school and 3x a week after I graduate.

10. Finish and launch my grammar website (grammarplace.com).

That’s it. I’m sure that these goals may be modified over the year, but I am okay with that. At least I have a guide to help me stay on track.

Now it’s your turn. What are your goals (or resolutions, if your prefer) for 2015?

Three Words for 2015

3 Words 2015Last year, I got the idea from Chris Brogan to pick three words to focus on for the coming year. My words were intentional, love and brave. Now, again, it didn’t go perfectly, but I loved having the words as a way to stay focus or refocus as needed. That is why I am doing it again. 🙂

My three words for 2015 are Relationships, Prayer, and Grace.

It is very easy for me to lose focus on the importance of relationships – relationship with my husband, son, family, friends, God, and others. I am an introvert by nature and I love being along and doing solitary work. I guess that is why I love to write and read! I also have a detailed eye, and tend to be a perfectionist, which in turn, sometimes makes me a little cranky to be around. :/ (Just keeping it real, here!) Anywhoo, this semester, I am taking five classes (15 credits), and I am hoping that having the word “relationships” as one of my words, it will help me not get 100 percent sucked in to my work.

In order to focus on relationships, I need to stay grounded in prayer. My relationship with God must be first, no matter how busy I am. Therefore, I hope by having this word, it will remind me to skee to pray always!

Finally, my last word is grace because I know I will fail and this word will remind me not to beat myself up when I do! It will also be a reminder that no one is perfect and I must give, not only myself, but others grace as well. 🙂

Now, what are your words? Do you have one or more words to help you stay focused on your goals and intentions for the year? If so, share in the comments!