Saint Michael, the Archangel

Today is the feast of the great Archangel, St. Michael (along with st. Raphael and Gabriel). His intercession is so necessary and important in these uncertain times when it seems like evil and darkness and overcoming the world.

Saint Michael

But, we must take heart! The victory has already been won in Christ and we have St. Michael battling on our side! Evil will not overcome, and even in our darkest days we must remember that in the end, God will prevail. No matter what is battling against us, we must take courage and continuing fighting the good fight.

It is so important to have devotion to Saint Michael and we should pray the prayer of St. Michael every day! Did you know that the prayer to St. Michael that most of us are familiar with is the shortened version of the original St. Michael Prayer? The original prayer is quite powerful and it would be good to pray the longer version regularly, too.

Here’s the longer version of St. Michael in video form:

By the way, this devotion is something not only for ourselves. We should endeavor to instill devotion to St. Michael in our children. We can teach them and encourage them to pray the prayer to St. Michael every day – even make it a regular part of morning or evening prayers.

If your family doesn’t  have a particular devotion to St. Michael, today would be a great day to start! Many of us Catholic moms do different activities to mark special feast days anyway, and today is definitely an important day of the church calendar and worth celebrating.

A quick search online will bring up different activities and crafts to do; and, if you are the crafty type you can probably put together some fun ways to teach your children about St. Michael (and the other Archangels). Unfortunately, I’m not very crafty. I will read about St. Michael in our saints book, have him color this coloring page and plan a special meal and dessert (Angel food cake, of course!) similar to what I found here.

What are you doing (or have done) in your family to commemorate this feast?

St. Michael the Archangel, Pray for us!


  1. But, we must take heart! The victory has already been won in

    amen amen amen
    Angela…recently posted…IT’S NOT ABOUT MEMy Profile

  2. I had no idea there was a longer version. I shall start praying that. I remember to pray the St. Michael prayer at night when I’m alone,(husband works night…) I find myself a little shaky worrying about creepy things so it helps to calm me and feel a little safer.

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