Saints and Feasts in December 2015

Since next week is the solemnity of Christ the King and Thanksgiving, and I won’t be doing much (if any) blogging, I thought I would get a jump start and send out the saints and feasts for December a little early.

Don’t you just love December! I know there is a lot of work and stress that goes into the holidays but we have to make time to remember what the holidays are about: Jesus! Besides Christmas (of course), there are some lovely and wonderful solemnities, feasts and memorials that I hope you won’t be too busy to overlook.

In addition, to make December even more special, December 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, begins the Holy Year of Mercy! No doubt this will be a year of great grace!

Saints and Feasts in Dec 2015

Without further ado, here are the most notable dates for December:

Saints and Feasts

December 3:  St. Francis Xavier, priest (obligatory memorial)

December 4: St. John Damascene, priest (optional memorial)

December 4: First Friday Devotions (optional)

December 5: First Saturday Devotions (optional)

December 7: St. Ambrose, bishop & doctor of the church (obligatory memorial)

December 8: The Immaculate Conception (solemnity, holy day of obligation)

December 9: St. Juan Diego (optional memorial)

December 11: St. Damasus I, pope (optional memorial)

December 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe (feast)

December 14: St. John of the Cross, priest & doctor of the church (obligatory memorial)

December 21: St. Canisius, priest & doctor of the church (optional memorial)

December 23: St. John of Kanty, priest (optional memorial)

December 25: Nativity of Our Lord, Merry Christmas! (solemnity, holy day of obligation)

December 26: St. Stephen, the first martyr (feast)

December 27: The Holy Family (feast)

December 28: The Holy Innocents, martyrs (feasts)

December 29: St. Thomas Becket, bishop & martyr (optional memorial)

December 31: St. Sylvester I, pope (optional memorial)

 Other Dates to Note

Every Saturday is traditionally dedicated to devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

December is traditionally dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.

December 7: Pearl Harbor Day, 1941 (USA)

December 21: Winter Begins

December 26: Boxing Day (Canada)

I pray you will have a blessed and holy Advent leading up to Christmas, filled with joy and family.


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