Happy Fourth of July! (And Some Thoughts on Independence)

Tomorrow is Independence Day and I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to the men and women who have sacrificed (and continue to sacrifice) so much – including their lives – for our freedom. We take so much for granted here in the United States that we sometimes forget that freedom isn’t free.


I have to admit that, in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions, I will be celebrating Independence Day with a heavy heart. There are several reasons for this and most of them have to do with the fact that our freedoms and rights are being slowly and continually undermined.

One of the things that made our nation great is the balance of power: balance of power between the state and federal governments, and the balance of power between the three branches of federal government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial). By their recent decisions, and completely undermining the various state laws, they have usurped power that was not theirs to take. They are not the only ones of course. The Executive branch (which includes the president) has done the same thing with its many “executive orders.” And even the Legislative Branch has done this by introducing, and sometimes passing, unjust and unreasonable laws.

Unfortunately, this undermining of our rights is not just limited to government. Many schools are exposing and indoctrinating our children without parental knowledge, and without their approval, such as this Virginia School district. In fact, anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda is ridiculed and labeled as a hater, which in most cases is absolutely not true.

And I can tell you, with the recent Supreme Court decisions, religious freedom is on a precipice. There was a time when a person’s conscience was respected, not anymore. People, such as clergy and other Christians, will be persecuted and things will get ugly. It is sad, but true.

Now, I do not write all this to be a downer. My goal is to encourage, not discourage. I only share my thoughts in order to remind all of us that we need to remain vigilant, be aware of what is going on locally and in the world, and to remain steadfast in prayer.

Someone reminded me that God will not be mocked, and we must remember that no matter what happens, the victory has already been won in Christ. There will be suffering, there will be judgement, but in the end, all will be for God’s glory, and His Will will be done! So, we must take heart, and trust in the Lord. 🙂

So my prayer for you is that this Independence Day, and every day, you be filled with God’s mercy and grace, and strength in all things.



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