Do You Throw Tantrums at God?

The other day Andrew didn’t get something that he wanted and threw a huge fit. I mean the screaming, throwing things, and Do you throw tantrums at God?tossing himself on the ground kind of a fit. He is eight years old, way over the age for tantrums, and what he wanted, although small, wasn’t something he could have at the time.

I tried to offer different solutions. I gave him suggestions for what he could do instead but those suggestions didn’t matter. He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it NOW.

Through a quadruple dose of God’s grace ( 😳 ) ) I was able to stay calm and sent him to his room to cool off. As he stewed in his room, I continued cleaning the kitchen while grumbling to the Lord. “What is wrong with this kid? Why does he have to throw a fit over something so small? He should know better. There are times when he can’t get what he wants when he wants it so he just needs to get over himself!”

Then in my heart I felt the words, “Don’t you do this to me? Don’t you sometimes throw a fit when you don’t get your way?”

Oh boy, a nice big punch of reality hit me in the gut. I sure do throw fits sometimes. No, I don’t throw my shoes or throw myself on the floor when God doesn’t answer my prayers or answers them differently than I wanted him too.  BUT, I do mentally throw a fit sometimes. I grumble and argue (like I wrote about above!) and even yell at the Lord sometimes. “Why did this have to happen now, Lord?” or “Why didn’t you answer my prayer, Lord?” or “Why didn’t you let me….” or “Why couldn’t I…” You fill in the blank.

For me, it is an issue of trust of letting go and letting God be God. Just as Andrew needs to learn to control himself and not get upset when he doesn’t get his way, I have to practice letting go and trust God, with the small stuff and the big stuff! He knows what the ultimate good is for us, even more than we know for ourselves. I have to learn to trust Him and not cop a fit when life has twists and turns I don’t agree with or like. I have to let God be God.

Do you ever do this? Do you have a fit when God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers or answers them in a different way than you expected? Am I alone in my grumblings? Please tell me I’m not!

And let’s pray for each other that we will open our hearts to God and trust Him in all things, even when we want what we wants when we want them!

Heavenly Father,

We praise and thank you for all your blessings. We thank you for always answering our prayers, even when the answer is no or when we don’t understand why You answer the prayer the way you do. Please help us let go, to trust You, and to allow You to answer our prayers in Your good time and in Your own way. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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  1. I’ve thrown fits at God before, but not for a long time. The older you get the more you can bow that stiff neck talked about in the Old Testament.
    Barb Schoeneberger…recently posted…Sunday Snippets – A Catholic CarnivalMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      I agree, Barb. I think we also, hopefully, grow in our trust in God more and learn to accept what comes our way.

  2. Isn’t it awesome how God gives us the grace to recognize ourselves – and Him – in the everyday events of our lives? even temper tantrums!
    (I tweeted this post)
    Colleen…recently posted…Who is Our Light?My Profile

  3. I’m more apt to get frustrated and impatient about what I perceive to be INACTION on God’s part, rather than about the stuff that does happen (that he allows to happen).

    And, sure, I see myself in my kids.

    But I’m not about to pray insincerely. I have feelings. I’m not some Stoic; I’m a Christian. I pray as honestly as possible.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      I love your comment, Moonshadow! It is frustrating when it seems God is not acting when whe think He should. I also agree that we should pray as honestly as possible – God can take it. 🙂

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