What is the Cost of a Child? Priceless!

Right before the New Year, someone posted the following statistic on Facebook:

 “If you have a child in 2012, from then till 18 it will cost $256,000.00 for basic care.”

Basic care includes health care, clothes, etc. Not the extras, such as sports or music lessons and such.

What I found the most interesting and sad wasn’t this statistic as much as the comments to it.

People made comments similar to “I am so glad I don’t have a kid.” “No wonder our economics are the way they are! and others. The gist of the comments were that children are a burden and too expensive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that raising a child isn’t expensive. I have a son. I know how expensive it is. But so often we focus on the negatives of having children. (Even people who are decidedly pro-life can fall into this trap!) It is the sense of entitlements and “me, me, me” in society is one of the things that make people see children as a bad thing, rather than a good thing. Here in America, and I daresay in other countries, too, money has become more important than people.

This belief contributes (but in no way is the only reason) to the acceptance of abortion, the prevalence of abuse of children (in all of its forms) and the respect of life in all its stages.

I would like to propose an alternative. Children are a blessing. PEOPLE are a blessing, whether they are old, disabled, or mentally impaired. Every single person is made in the image of God. Without being reckless or foolish, let’s not let money be the only criteria in our response to the life of another human being. Raising a child may be expensive, but it doesn’t really matter how much a child costs. If God gives a child He will help the couple (or the single parent) raise that child, IF that couple (or parent) trusts in Him. The money will be there.

Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t believe in God or have the faith that He will be there for them in any circumstances, including the raising of a child. Let us pray for them. Let us pray for a renewed respect for life and the courage for all people to accept the gift of a child (or children).

 Heavenly Father,

You are an awesome God! Thank you for the gift of life. Thank You for the gift of children. All children are a blessing. Each child, each person, is unique, special and made in Your image. Help us to have a renewed respect for all life, in all of its stages. Help those who see children as a burden or too expensive. Help those who had the courage to raise a child and are now struggling financially, emotionally or spiritually. Raising a child can be difficult and a challenge but it can also be a joy and rewarding. Fill all parents and all soon-to-be parents with Your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


  1. Beautiful post, Carol! And that figure is too much, in my opinion. It’s true it can be expensive but if you have more than one child, there are many articles of hand me down clothing and furniture that can be used for each child. Children are indeed priceless and irreplaceable!!

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