7 Links About the Rosary

Rosary and bible

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Piggybacking off the previous post on Catholics and the Rosary, today I am going to give you a compilation of links and resources about the rosary:

1. Why Pray the rosary?

2. History of the rosary.

3. theholyrosary.org (many links about the rosary)

4. 15 Promises of the rosary.

5. The rosary and Sacred Scripture (from EWTN)

6. Praying the rosary (How-to)

7. How to pray the rosary printable – in pdf format (from New Advent)

There are tons of other links, books, and information about Mary and our Catholic devotion to Mary. I encourage you to do some reading to deepen your understanding and appreciation for the rosary. I know a lot of people who struggle praying the rosary, in fact, I was one of them; however, I’ve come to love praying the rosary and I hope you do too!

(The books by St. Louis de Montfort are wonderful (and pretty well-known) books about Mary and the Rosary that you  could start with first.)



7 Links About the Rosary

Rosary resources just for you!

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