Pinewood Derby Fun 2013


On Sunday, Andrew participated in the Pinewood Derby race with his fellow cub scout troops from Pack 52. He missed the derby last year so this was his first time participating and he had a blast! Not only did he have some quality bonding time with his daddy (and mama had some quiet time to herself – yay!) but he even won two races!

On top of that he won an award for “best paint job.” I thought that was kind of funny because thanks to Michael’s schedule, putting the car together was last-minute and it didn’t turn out as polished or nice as some of the other cars – at least according to Michael. Still, Andrew had painted the car himself and I am very proud of him. 🙂

Pinewood Derby Fun 2013

Yes, Andrew wanted a “Spiderman” theme for his car. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any stickers like he wanted, but he made due with what he had. 🙂 And now he’s all ready talking about next year and has several themes he wants to use for next year’s car!

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