Revised Curriculum Plans for 2011-2012

We home educate year round and technically our new school year started in June; but, since I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing their curriculum plans I thought I’d share mine, too. We are using Catholic Heritage Curricula as our base program but Andrew is whipping through much of the curriculum already so I need to revise the curriculum a little bit. Plus, I am looking to integrate other programs and materials into our current plans.


Back when Andrew was in Preschool and Kindergarten, we were using CHC’s “Little Stories for Little Folks. They are cute little paper books that start off easy and gradually introduce more difficult words. Then Andrew started giving me a terrible time when it came time to practice his reading. Thankfully, things are much better now that Andrew picks the books he wants to practice with from the library. I also am still reading to him a LOT, especially chapter books. (Soon I’ll share some of our new favorite books.)


We are mainly sticking with Catholic Heritage for handwriting. Andrew is currently almost finished with the “Catholic Heritage Handwriting Series Level One“. When he is done we will move to the “What Do You Like to Do…” and then the “What Can You Do…” Easy reader and keepsake journal. These two books combine reading and writing. I’m also having Andrew do little writing projects such as handmade cards and spiritual bouquets for special occasions and practicing his name, etc.


We are using the “My Very First Catholic Speller” for our organized spelling lessons and playing Scrabble® Junior and other made-up games for enrichment and practice.


We are using the “MCP Mathematics Level A” for lessons; but, for July and August we are taking a break from the book and using flash cards I got at the dollar store to practice his addition and subtraction. We will go back to using the book in September. (My son loves using flash cards!) We also play games and take other opportunities (such as cooking and going to the store) to practice math facts.


We started with the “Faith and Life Series” text and workbook but we are just about finished with it. We are also working our way through the “New Catholic Picture Bible” and memorizing scripture verses such as these using the verses from my bible. We will soon begin working our way through the Baltimore Catechism and I’ll be enrolling Andrew into our local parish’s CCD program to prepare for First Holy Communion. I am also using “A Year with God” to celebrate the liturgical seasons.


We had been using the “Behold and See 1: On the Farm with Josh and Hanna“; however, except for a few fall and winter activities we are finished with the book. I’m not sure yet if I’ll go right to the CHC’s Second Grade Science book or use something else until next year. If you have any suggestions for science, I’d love to hear them!

History and Geography:

I’m not doing formal lessons for these subjects; but I am planning to incorporate some history and geography in the books we read. Also, since my husband is a truck driver, I sometimes put together impromptu lessons about the places Michael drives to.

Character Building and Miscellaneous:

We are using the character building cards that come with the first grade CHC lesson plans to practice manners, kindness, etc. for social studies. I am utilizing the library extensively to expose my son to art, art appreciation, poetry and music, although I’m not doing formal lessons for these subjects. As for physical education, I’m planning on signing my son up for karate (which he’s been wanting to learn) and get him involved with other sports.

What are your plans for your home education this year? And, if you have suggestions for science lessons, do share!


  1. So glad you’re using the Baltimore Catechism. And what? No “Dick and Jane”? We had “Run, Dick run. See, Jane. See Dick run.” They had a dog named Spot. “Jump, Spot, jump.” Is this too much? 🙂

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Nope, no “Dick and Jane” books. 🙂 He loves the Spot books though (“Spots Goes to the Park” “Spot Goes to the Circus” etc.).

      I’m excited about using the Baltimore Catechism. I grew up right after Vatican II, so I was never taught using those books. As a matter of fact, except for learning the basics for the sacraments, I didn’t learn much about the faith until I started learning about the faith myself as an adult.

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