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God the FatherEditor’s Note: This week’s guest post comes from Marcelle Bartolo-Abela who is offering a reflection on God the Father. Devotion to God the Father isn’t something that we hear about often, but Marcelle has a whole website devoted to the love of God the Father! It is a devotion I think I need to pay more attention to. Enjoy!

God the first Person of the Holy Trinity is our Father. He loves us with a paternal intensity, infinity and profundity that we cannot even begin to conceive. He desires to be the central part of our lives regardless of who we are, where we may be or whatever we may be doing. He wants to develop relationships of intimacy with us because He is our Father and we are His children. That is why He created us. God the Father thirsts for us to treat Him as our Father in the process of our daily lives, rather than consciously or unconsciously forgetting Him, neglecting Him, marginalizing Him or, at times, even abandoning Him; things we have all done some time or another.

Some may respond with, “How can I work, take care of my family and fulfill my daily obligations, while placing God the Father first and foremost in my life? How can I do both simultaneously without short-changing one or the Other respectively?” The answer is simple but profound in its implications. What God our Almighty Father desires from each one of us is to let ourselves be intimate with Him while doing all the above, fulfilling naturally His first commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, and with your whole soul, and with your whole strength” (Dt 6:5; cf Mt 22:37, Mk 12:30, Lk 10:27). When we place our Father in the center of everything we do by mindfully keeping Him in our hearts, not only do our actions, activities and relationships become sanctified in His Divine Heart and Will. Everything we may need to satisfactorily fulfill our daily obligations is given to us, because “Seek therefore first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Mt 6:33).

God the Father wants to be present both in us and to us as Father in the course of our lives, because that is His primary function: Eternal Father. However, He will never override our free will; so it is up to us whether to invite Him or not, to actively participate in our daily lives. As the good Parent that He is, our Father intensely desires us to converse with Him in a natural way, as though we were speaking to our earthly fathers, within the context of the functional child-father relationship. He wants us share every aspect of our lives with Him, with genuineness and simplicity of heart. He wants to know our joys, desires, aspirations, labors, sorrows, innermost fears and anxieties, not because He does not already know them since He is Almighty, but because He experiences great joy when we approach Him as little children opening their hearts unreservedly to their Father and Creator.

God the Father wants us to turn to Him for everything we need, with open hearts and minds, and every fiber of our beings, so that He can flood both our souls and needs, and the souls and needs of others, with Himself and His boundless generosity. In sharing our lives in this way with our Father, the Omnipotent One listens and responds to us with profound joy, because we will have taken Him to our hearts as Father – the greatest desire of His Divine Heart. We will have genuinely opened up space for Him to enact His Paternal and Parental roles, showering us with the felt infinity of His love beyond our wildest expectations.

Marcelle Bartolo-Abela is the author of books on faith and spirituality in daily life. Some of her writings can be found at Reflections for the Soul: Mini-Thoughts on the Love of God the Father for All Mankind (



  1. Periodically I meditate on God the Father. If we are to be like little children and seize heaven, we must have that perfect Parent to turn to.
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