She’s Back…..! (Mostly) and Weekly Goals

Set Goals

Well, I haven’t posted since September 8th. I never planned for that to happen, but the two 7 1/2 week classes turned out to be very labor intensive, along with my other two classes, plus homeschooling Andrew, plus life…you know the drill! Plus, we had changes to my husband’s employment which has been a bit of a life-changer. Also, this Wednesday I have a big presentation for my Anglo-Saxon class, and after that, I’m pretty much good except for a couple of big-project papers and possibly a final. So, hopefully, I will be able to get some regular blogging in – especially since I am WAY past due on some book reviews.

As for goal setting, I pretty much blew it to the wayside for a while; therefore, I am not going to post my previous goals, just the ones for this week. Also, I am only going to start with eight goals, so I can ease back into the goal setting mode.

Marriage/Parenting/Home Management Goals

1. Send Michael a “love text” twice this week.

2. Stay on top of Andrew’s homeschool.

Personal Goals

3. Get up at 6:00 am.

4. Spend at least 15 minutes reading the bible and prayer every morning.

5. Exercise at least 15 minutes, 5 times this week.

Educational Goals

6. Finish preparing presentation and give to class.

7. Write pre-proposal for my Senior Seminar professor. (She is helping me with some ideas for my final paper.)

Blogging/Writing Goals

8. Write at least one blog post this week (besides this one).

Now it’s your turn. Share what you have going on this week in the comments, or join us over at Money Saving Mom with your own goals.

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