2018 Goals – January Update

In 2017, I did an experiment and didn’t make any goals for the year. My focus was on scheduling the things I wanted to do. However, it was pretty much a bust. 🙁 Don’t get me wrong, the scheduling part was great and I did get a lot of “stuff” done. The problem was that I felt scattered most of the time and unfocused.

This past year was a bigger challenge than 2016 and I didn’t think that was possible. And, not having specific goals left me feeling unhinged a lot of the time. I need structure. Goals give me that structure and allows me to have boundaries and white space. I also missed the accountability of not posting my goals online. It gives me incentive and have been told from readers that they like reading about the goals.

2018 Goals Update January

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This year, I am going to combine the scheduling with the goals. I have 12 goals for different aspects of my life and I will be taking some time today to schedule those goals into my calendar (in bite-sized chunks). My hope is that by combining them both, I will have a scheduled yet focused year. I am also posting them here for the accountability and will give monthly updates about how I am doing.

Here is how January went down:


1. Read at least one chapter of the Bible each day (On track with this. Working my way through Genesis)

2. Cut out sugar and dairy for at least 8 weeks (fast Wednesdays & Fridays) (Mostly good. I’ve had some slip ups but still doing better than I had in a while. Now that my birthday month is over, I will be more strict.)

3. Read one personal book per month (fiction, self-help, spiritual, etc.) (Killing it! Read two books in January and halfway done with two others.)


4. Go on one date with Michael per month (January date done.)

5. Send Michael (and Andrew) at least one love/text note per week. (Done every week for Michael missed a couple for Andrew. I need to be more mindful of this.)


6. Read one book out loud to Andrew per month (I have been reading the Acts of the Apostles out loud for his Religion class. I also read one short book to him.)

7. Go on a family vacation (Have been discussing this with Michael working out the details and plan.)

8. Pray with Andrew daily (daily devotional book before or after school) (Done for January.)


9. Rebuild emergency fund ($1,000) (Not started yet.)

10. Save at least $10 per week (Done for January.)


11. Launch two courses/programs this year (Still working out the details for these.)

12. Do at least 2 FB lives per month (aiming for weekly!) (I’ve had some tech issues but have done a couple of these. Need to be more consistent.)

Have you made any goals for 2018? If so, do share in the comments! I would love to support and encourage you in any way I can! How are you doing with your goals? Do share!

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