Finding Joy Update: Week Four

Wondering what the Finding Joy series is about or missed a week? Here’s week one, week two and week three.

This was not a good week. I feel like I took one step forward last week and three back this week. {sigh}

Finding joy in God:

Oh my, my prayer life this week was quite sucky and I have no one to blame but myself. I took out a bunch (well, 5 to be exact) of books from the library and wound up staying up way late (for me) reading them – 11:30 or 12. Basically, I read 1 full book a day and they weren’t all small books – Pride and Prejudice was one of them.

Staying up late meant I had a hard time getting up in the  morning, so I overslept and everyday seemed like a race to get done the things I needed to. Then I’d settle down in the evenings, start reading and of course, ran into the same thing the next day. So, I’m sorry to say that I missed  my meditation time, missed Mass and feel asleep while trying to pray the rosary.

Finding joy in my husband:

My husband was on the road, so we didn’t have much time alone; but we did have some fun family time. I am trying now to find ways to do little things to make his life a bit easier. I’m continuing this goal. I’m noticing my husband responding positively; and, I’m noticing that I’m changing in my view of my husband – in a good way. 🙂

Finding joy in my son:

My son, my son. He was in a rare mood this week that made dealing with him difficult. He was cranky and tantrum-y. He gave me a hard time about everything and anything. Even the lure of reading to him didn’t work and he gave me a hard time at bedtime. He was disagreeable and annoying. I was at a point where I didn’t even want to be in the same room with him. Nothing worked, not the discipline jar, time-outs, losing privileges. I yelled at him more times than I want to admit.

Finding joy in self care.

I made time for the eliptical machine 4 times this week, which is good. Did okay with the intermittent fasting. I’ve been gradually increasing my fasting and I made my fast until 4pm yesterday. Today I broke my fast at 1:30, but closed my window at 6:30 and didn’t succumb to  any late night eating, so that was good.

Little ways I’ve found joy this week.

This past Sunday we went to my husband’s cousin’s house to celebrate her daughter’s graduation from high school. Met (or got re-aquainted with) some of Michael’s family. I always thought I had a large family; but, wow, his family is huge!

In spite of the late nights I mentioned above, I read some good books this week, which always bring me joy. I love to read. If I could, I’d do nothing but read. 🙂

My mother-in-law took my son to the beach which gave me some alone time to get some work done, including a video for my business.

How did (are) you finding joy this week? Come share your joys with us over at Angie’s Many Little Blessings.


  1. I love this…funny that you did it since I’ve been thinking of doing regular posts similar to this….God is so amazing on how He leads His daughters like this eh girl? I love it…finding scripture today was I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I have learned the secret of living in every situation. Philippians 4:11-12..prayed for your petition on Fearless Friday..((hugs))
    Angela…recently posted…FEARLESS FRIDAYMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      It is. The Holy Spirit is definitely working! I need to pray over this scripture verse more often!

      Thanks for the prayers.

  2. I sympathize with your frustrations with your son. It’s much the same here sometimes!
    Kathleen@so much to say…recently posted…Sunday SnippetsMy Profile

  3. Sometimes family and friends can really get on our nerves. Whatever was going on with your son this week, it was great he went to the beach with his grandmother. Sometimes a fun outdoor activity is necessary to break a cranky cycle.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      I’m sorry I missed your, to Barb. :/ I agree with what you wrote. His behavior did get better after this week.

  4. It’s ok girl…the three steps back..You know what came to my mind…that footstep poem that they have but on a different take..when the person saw the footprints that looks like it was all over the place..and than Jesus says,,’that is when we stopped to dance’…I also thought least you were taking steps hon….Keep on keeping on girl…one step at at time on this journey to joy..we are going to make it!! Jesus is by our side. Love ya
    Angela…recently posted…JOURNEY TO JOYMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Angela. They mean so much to me. Yes, I will keep on, keeping on. 🙂

  5. I know what you mean about doing nothing but reading.
    RAnn…recently posted…Only Yours: My ReviewMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Yes, as someone who is a book reviewer, I would imagine the temptation to do nothing but read would be an even bigger temptation than it is for me! LOL!

  6. Prayers for your family, especially your husband!

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