Finding Joy Update: Week Five

Wondering what the Finding Joy series is about or missed a week? Here’s week one, week two, week three and week four.

This was not a good week. I feel like I took one step forward last week and three back this week. {sigh}

Finding joy in God:

In spite of getting to bed earlier this week, I still struggled in the prayer department. I am taking my friend Anne’s advice and “NOT SWEAT IT” (her words 🙂 ). As prayer is proving to be dry and difficult, I am relying on short aspirations and lifting my heart to the Lord during short moments during the day. I try to do my regular prayers (meditation, rosary, etc) but can’t so, I’m trying to offer up my dryness to the Lord. May His Holy Will be done.

On top of this, my cousin’s wife passed away last Friday. She died of cancer at the age of 56. I take consolation that she died at 3:10PM, during the hour of Divine Mercy. Still, my heart breaks. She was such a good woman and someone I cared about. Besides that, we have had 5 close family members die in  a little over a year. I have faith and trust in the Lord, but it is still hard…

Finding joy in my husband:

My husband was on the road again most of this week, so we didn’t have much time alone; but he should be home for the weekend. I am continuing with my goal to find little ways to make my husband’s life easier; which has been easy since he hasn’t been home!

Finding joy in my son:

Things have been better this week. Not great, but better. He still is having more “moments” then he has had in a while, but I’m doing a little better staying calm. My son had a day and a half trip with his grandparents, which helped! Gave me some alone time. I also took (am taking) the week off of school just to have some summer fun – in spite of the wicked heat.

Finding joy in self care.

I exercised twice this week and I know that I have to make some improvement in this area. I’ve also been experimenting with my intermittent fasting window. I’ve tried different times and am finding that my best window time is 4pm – 9pm, so I am going to try and stick with that time frame.

Little ways I’ve found joy this week.

My husband and I spent time with my cousin on Sunday. He is holding up okay. It’s hard but he is comforted by the fact that he was with her when she passed and for the time they had together. They were married 20 years.

I enjoyed the peace and free time I had while my son was with his grandparents and my husband was at work. Although, I did feel weird sleeping alone with no one in the house.

How did (are) you finding joy this week? Come share your joys with us over at Angie’s Many Little Blessings.


  1. Carol, every time we think of Jesus, contemplate a Bible verse, or see God’s goodness to us and thank Him, it is a prayer. Formal prayers are good, but if you have a problem with them, maybe God is moving you more to contemplation where instead of saying the formal rosary prayers you can just think about each mystery and what it means for our salvation.

    Have a conversation with Mary, the housewife of housewives as you go about your daily duties. Complain to her if you like, or ask for her help. I bet she got tired of walking up the steps to the roof of her house to hang out the laundry or go to the town well to bring water to the courtyard. She probably sweated plenty baking bread in the outside oven in summer. I’ve found that finding God in the ordinary is a habit I can develop. Keep going!

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Thank you for your encouragement and advice, Barb. They mean a lot to me. I will try your suggestions – especially in talking with Mary.

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