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Tomorrow (Sunday) is the wonderful solemnity of Corpus Christi, otherwise known as “The Body and Blood of Christ.” It is one of my favorite solemnities of the Church calendar!

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving for all that Jesus has done for us, but on this feast, we give special thanks for Jesus giving Himself in the form of bread and wine. No doubt, the “how” and “why” of the Eucharist is a mystery, but it truly a special and unique Gift!

Unfortunately, too many people do  not realize how awesome the gift of the Mass. It has become just one more thing to do for so many people, if they even bother to go at all.

That is why I wrote this eBook, The Busy Woman’s Guide to the Mass: 15 Tips for ‘Getting the Most Out of the Mass and Making the Liturgy an Integral Part of Your Daily Life.” (Yes, I know it’s a long title… 🙂 ) My hope is that it will encourage you and strengthen your love for the Mass, and that it helps you to find ways to stay focused and present during the Liturgy. *Go here to read more about the eBook.

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