The Little Paris Book Shop Book Review

I am slowly fazing out doing book reviews here at Simple Catholic Living and will be posting them on my new website,, which is dedicated to book reviews, grammar tips, and all things writing. I love doing book reviews and I think my writing website is a more appropriate venue for them, as I really want to focus here on faith-related topics.

In that vein, I have written an in-depth review of the lovely book, The Little Paris Book Shop over at

LitteparisHere is a snippet of the review:

“The best way to describe The Little Paris Bookshop is satisfying. It is the consummate book for book lovers. At 370 pages, not including the recipes and list of books recommended by the protagonist, Perdu, it is a long book. However, once I started reading, I didn’t even notice the length. In fact, it could have gone on for another couple hundred more pages and I wouldn’t even have noticed! It did take me a long while to get through the book, though, because I had a strong desire and need to savor every word…Continue Reading

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