Books Read in May 2016

Well, I didn’t read much in May. In fact, I read almost nothing at all, especially compared to last month. This is partly because there were a lot of scriptures for May’s bible study (which was a good thing!) and partly because I wasn’t particularly motivated to read. Not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

Books Read in May 2016

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In any case, here are the three books that I read this month:

Next: How to Start a Successful Business That’s Right for You and Your Family. As a business book, it is okay; however, as an inspirational and encouraging book, it terrific.

The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No 2). I have been working on this with Andrew in his home school.

The Way of a Pilgrim. I am not quite done with this book I am including it any way. 🙂 It is a beautiful book and I will be doing a separate review on this book once I am finished.

As for June, I don’t have any specific books I am going to read but I want to read at least four books. What about you? What books have you been reading lately?


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