Book Review: The Gift of Love by Amy Clipston

Gift of LoveFrom the Book Description:

Bestselling author Amy Clipston overcame hardship and tragedy early in her marriage, but nothing could have prepared her for the trials she would face when her husband was diagnosed with kidney disease shortly before the birth of their first son. With nearly 100,000 people needing kidney transplants, Joe was on a long list of recipients waiting for a match.

After watching her husband suffer through transplants, a rejected kidney, and interminable dialysis, Amy took the ultimate risk in the hopes of saving her husband’s life and the life of a woman she didn’t even know. Through the John Hopkins paired donor program, Amy donated her kidney so that Joe would receive one from a matching donor.

Amy’s story is one of strength, courage, and patient endurance in the face of an uncertain future. Readers will be inspired by her resilience, encouraged by her faith, and humbled by the realization that they too are ultimately helpless without the power of God.

The Gift of Love will appeal to readers who are fans of Amy’s fiction and those who are facing health challenges of their own.

My Comments:

I am going to get right to the point: I loved this book!

I have had to opportunity to read and review a few of Amy’s books in the past so I was thrilled to have the chance to read this as well (thanks to the BookLook Blogger’s program). Amy’s writing is honest, vulnerable and her faith in God during her struggles is inspiring.

One of the reasons this book resonates with me is because my husband, like Amy’s, is a transplant recipient. He had a liver transplant in his early 20’s and thankfully has done very well. He is required to take expensive anti-rejection medication every day and has to be regularly checked by his doctor, but other than that, he is doing fine. So reading her story about her husband’s initial rejection, and her courageous choice to donate one of her kidneys to save the life of her husband and another person blew me away.

Another thing that blew me away is the fact that Amy has written her books while working full-time, taking care of her children and husband and parents. Re-reading the Kauffmann Amish Bakery series will never be the same. Amy is an inspiration to all aspiring writers and authors. I know that it has me re-thinking my excuse of not having time to write!

Finally, I appreciate how honest and open Amy is about her struggles. She doesn’t sugar coat her fears or her imperfections. She admits to her breakdowns and at one point, she admits to yelling at her husband when she couldn’t take his selfishness any longer. She is real and vulnerable and that makes her story that much more real and moving.

If you want to have your faith strengthened and have your heart uplifted then I highly recommend you read this book! I absolutely give the book five (5) stars (which I rarely do!).


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