Book Review: Christian America: Shattered Dreams in a Veiled Society

Christian AmericaHappy Memorial Day! Normally, I do not blog on Memorial Day, but this is an important book and I didn’t want to put off the review.

From the Description:

The Christian Church in America has long experienced freedom of her Religion as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Today, more than ever, that freedom is now in question. The body-politic has said, ‘no more’, and implemented programs and policies to resound their cry. How do we know? Through extensive research and documented findings all in this small publication.

My Comments:

I have to start this review out with a disclaimer. Catherine Francis is a friend of mine and I had a hand in helping to proofread the book; therefore, I am a little bit biased. 🙂 However, please don’t let that slant your view of this review, because Christian America is truly an important book.

What is the book about? In brief, it is an exposé on the history of incorporation and tax exemption within the Church, and the devastating results of “bending to the will of the state” (A Note from the Author ).

For me, this book is an eye-opener. I do not know much about incorporation and tax-exemption status and all that is involved with it. Quite frankly, I never gave it much thought, especially about how incorporation affects the Church, so when I read this short book I was surprised with what I learned. I think you will be too.

And you might be skeptical. I was. Maybe in a small way I still am. A part of me doesn’t want to believe that there are forces, government or otherwise, seeking to undermine and/or destroy the Church I love. However, I trust Catherine Francis and she does a good job defending her thesis with examples and lots of references throughout the book.

I urge you to get your hands on a copy of this book and draw your own conclusions. I give Christian America four (4) stars.


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