Books Read in September 2015

Although I’m not doing book reviews here anymore, I do want to continue to encourage you to read good books. Therefore, I decided that I would do a monthly feature where I list the books I’ve read during the month. I have to admit that I didn’t get to read much this month, but I did read a few. Here they are:

The Potter's Lady

The Potter’s Lady: I gave this book three (3) stars in my review. Overall, it was a good book but the writing was a little slow.

The Big House on Adams Street

The Big House on Adams Street: I also gave this book three (3) stars in my review. It was okay and has potential but I had some issues with the writing and other elements in the book.

I Hope You Dance

I Hope You Dance: I enjoyed this book very much. I gave it four (4) stars in my review. I loved the characters and the writing is very well done.

Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy

Dear Mister Essay Guy: I gave this book three (3) stars. In general, the book was good but I was not a huge fan of the sarcastic tone of the book. I’m sure the sarcastic tone was meant to be humorous but instead, for me, it was rather off putting.

Dressing Your Truth

Dressing Your Truth: This is such a great book! I don’t have to do a review for this book but I may do it just because I think it will be helpful to others. I would give it four (4) stars. Carol teaches a totally different way of how to dress in a way that fits.

Books I’m Planning to Read in October

October is already gearing up to be a busy month so I am keeping this list short; however, I may add to it as time allows.

Amish Christmas at North Star

Intentional Living

An Amish Christmas Gift

Now it’s your turn. What good books are you reading this month?


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