About Me

The Before

Growing up, life was a struggle. I was born with mild cerebral palsy which came with a whole set of physical and other issues. I was shy, didn’t have many friends, and I was bullied almost daily. BUT, I also had a wonderful, loving family and I had my faith (mostly).

Like a lot of us, I am a cradle Catholic. I received all the Sacraments of Initiation and my parents made sure that I (and my siblings) went to Church. For us, being Catholic was just a part of who we were.

But, as I got older, I had questions. I didn’t abandon my faith completely but it became secondary to my life. It was something I did to make my mom happy but my heart wasn’t completely in it. And, more than anything, I wanted to anyone but myself.

Deep down, I was hurting. I was angry. I was bitter. I was jealous of other people who didn’t have cerebral palsy and who (I thought) didn’t have to struggle as I did. I struggled with depression. I felt different, abnormal, and like I didn’t fit in anywhere but, more than anything, I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be loved and accepted for who I was (don’t we all?).

I made a lot of mistakes. There were times when I wanted to kill myself. But, like I said, I have a wonderful family. They aren’t perfect, of course, but they were a stabilizing force for me – especially my mom. My Aunt Miriam, too.

The After

To make a long story short, my aunt played a big role in my return to the faith. After some particularly difficult events, I experienced God’s love for me in a very special way. That experience put me on the path of faith I am now. It has been a long, imperfect journey but it has also been a wonderful, growing journey, too.

Immediately following my decision to live for Jesus, I started searching. I went to different types of Christian church services but I always came back to the Catholic Church. I studied and prayed and the more I did so, the more I came to realize that, for me, the Catholic Church is home.

From there, I spent several years discerning a religious vocation with the Little Sisters of the Poor. They are a wonderful group of women to do an important work for God. However, it became clear that my vocation was to be a wife and mother, and so I am. 🙂

The Now

I am not perfect, by a long shot and I still struggle at times. But now, I don’t struggle alone. I know that God is with me and that HE loves me as no one can. He is with YOU and loves YOU as no one can. More than anything, I want women – YOU – to experience God in their lives. Therefore, I try to encourage Catholic women to create a life they love. That is my purpose here at Simple Catholic Living and the catalyst for all the books, programs, and coaching that I offer through this website.

The world is going crazy and filled with so much negativity. All you have to do is watch TV ( actually, no, don’t do that!) or pick up a newspaper (don’t do that either!) to know that there is a lot of bad stuff going on. But, there is a lot of good in the world, and as women, we need to support each other to see the good. We need to support each other to live out our faith, to take care of our families and responsibilities, and to take care of ourselves! I truly want to encourage you and lift you up in your daily walk with the Lord. We follow an awesome God! We follow a God of miracles, of goodness, and power! It is there but we have to tap into it and that is why I do what I do!

Random Tidbits

meOther things to know about me, is that I am curious, an insatiable reader, and I love learning new things. I am somewhat  of a computer geek and enjoy tinkering with  technology and software programs, including my writing website. Additionally, besides spending time with my family and church activities, my hobbies include: cooking/baking, knitting, making homemade cards, reading (just about anything!), and playing with our dog, Nugget.

I also enjoy connecting with others. I encourage you to leave comments on my blog posts, send me a message or email me (carol (at) simplecatholicliving (dot) com) with comments, questions or just to say hello! I look forward to sharing our journey with the Lord together.

Next Steps

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Carol D'Annunzio, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author