Simple Catholic Living Monthly Check-up (November 2011)

We are already in the second week of Advent and I’m no where near ready for Christmas! Yikes!

This month’s Top Referrers : I’ve had a couple new referrers take top spot this month

Google and other search engines. As a matter of fact a huge portion of this month’s visitors came from search engines.

We are That Family (Works for me Wednesday)

Facebook (There’s an article on Ehow that links to my spiritual bouquet post.)

This That and the Other Thing (Sunday Snippets)

Other referring sites worth mentioning: Oh Amanda, Wordless Wednesday and Pinterest.

This month’s top posts include: (Besides the home page which gets the most views)

10 Thanksgiving Crafts from Pinterest

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

Slow-Cooker Ham and Cabbage Recipe

10 Fun Craft Ideas From Pinterest

Book Review: Heaven is for Real for Kids

Other posts worth a mention are 10 Quotes About God’s Mercy from St. Faustina’s Diary, Words to Live By: Life Lessons, Yummy Peas and Macaroni, Protection and Healing Prayer, Top 10 Scripture Verses to Memorize With Your Children.

Top Site Demographics:

As usual, most of my visitors come from the United States, Canada, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, India and Germany. I’ve also had a few visitors from South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore and 19 visitors whose location was “not set”. This is the first month I’ve had visitors from Ireland!

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog. I do appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and sometimes taking the time to comment!

Other Stats:

Last month my readership was up a whopping 40.66% from the month before. This month my readership is up 29.66%, which isn’t too shabby. 🙂  I am very grateful that this blog has had steady growth for the last several months; but again, I need to learn how to decrease my bounce rate which was high this month, too.

November Analytics

Short and long term goals for Simple Catholic Living:

I didn’t spend much time at all in social media this month – again. I’ve decided to put the whole social media thing aside until the new year, when the holidays are over because I know I won’t have much time for it during the next few weeks.

My long term goals include: increasing my traffic and decreasing my bounce rate; participating in more blog hops and link-ups; guest writing for other bloggers; inviting others to blog post here; being more consistent in networking (especially Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest); updating and adding to the Free Resources section; creating videos and writing some ebooks.

My progress: My traffic increased, and I’m thrilled about that. Of course, I still need to improve my readership and I need to make more of an effort to achieve my goals. I did finish my series on Virtual Assistance finally and I’m happy with that.

My short term goals for December are simple. Make it through Christmas! (Just kidding.) I’m not making any short term goals this month because I know I will be busy and I have some personal things that I have to take care of. So, I guess you can say that my goal will just be to get my regular posts up!

How is your blog doing? What are your short and/or long term goals for your blog? If you’ve written your own blog checkup post, feel free to link it in the comments so we can take a peek!

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