Simple Catholic Living Monthly Check-up (December 2011)

Like I expected, my stats went down in December (20% to be exact). I didn’t post or link up to other sites very much, so it wasn’t a surprise. My demographics were pretty much the same they had been over the past few months. So, all in all, I don’t have tons to report this month.

google analytics dec 2011

This month’s top referrers: This has been the biggest change except for Google and “search engines” continuing to be my biggest referrers.

We are That Family (Works for me Wednesday)

Conversion Diary

This That and the Other Thing

Oh Amanda


I also got a small amount of traffic (4 – 10 visitors) from,, and

This month’s top posts: (Besides the home page which gets the absolute most)

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

Slow-Cooker Ham and Cabbage Recipe

Words to Live By: Life Lessons

Ten Fun Craft Ideas from Pinterest

Ten Family Game Night Ideas

A few honorable mentions include: Ten Reasons I Love my Husband; 10 Prolife Charities Worthy of Donations this year; Our Ten Favorite Christmas Movies.

Monthly (and yearly) goals:

I am keeping my goals for this blog very  modest this year. Like I mentioned on Tuesday, I am going back to school to finish getting my bachelor’s degree. This endeavor is going to suck up a lot of my time and energy, so my main goal is to maintain my almost daily posting schedule and current readership. Of course, I’d love to increase my readership, but my goals in that area will be minimal.

As for other goals, I want to write 4 e-books this year: one each quarter. My plan is to spend 30 minutes a day writing so achieve this goal. I also want to a weekly series of posts based on a monthly theme.


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