10 Prolife Charities Worthy of Donations

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We all know that Christmas time is a popular time for giving money to our favorite organizations. Right before the year’s end is usually someone’s last chance to donate to get his or her tax break. If this is you and you are looking for organizations, I’ve got some great suggestions. :) All of these suggestions are for organizations either directly or indirectly support life in all its stages.

Also, don’t forget to donate during other times of the year, too. These and all charitable organizations need help year round!

1. Little Sisters of the Poor. It’s no secret that I love the Little Sisters of the Poor, having spent time with them and can personally attest to them. :)

2. Sisters of Life. They do a wonderful work of taking in pregnant woman and giving them practical assistance. They also host retreats and other pro-life activities.

3. March for Life. They are the organization the organizes and runs the annual march for life each January in Washington, DC.

4. American Life League. ALL tackles all aspects of pro-life issues and offer how-tos, news, and ways to get involved in the pro-life movement.

5. Life Legal Defense Foundation. As its name suggests, Life Legal Defense Foundation is an organization of volunteer attorneys who deal with life issues from a legal standpoint.

6. Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is a well-known Christian ministry dealing will all issues of family life.

7. Human Life International. HLI is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the world. It is a teaching apostolate that empowers local pro-life leaders around the world.

8. Priests for Life. Priests for Life is a wonderful organization, founded by Father Frank Pavone. Their website is a wealth of information regarding all things pro-life.

9. Rachel’s Vineyard. Rachel’s Vineyard is a healing ministry for those who have been affected by abortion: the women who have had them, the fathers, the grandparents; all those who are secretly mourning the loss the of the aborted child.

10. Citizen Link. Citizen Link (an affiliate of Focus on the Family) is a family advocacy group. They empower everyday people to let their voice be heard about critical issues regarding the sanctity of human life.

Your turn: what are your favorite charities?

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  1. Jennifer · December 16, 2010 Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of most of these charities before.

  2. Jessica · November 7, 2011 Jessica

    These cites will help me with my project of educating the school about the Pro-Life movement through our Students for Life club’s monthly bulletin board. Thanks for sharing :)
    Two of my favorite Pro-Life charities: Mary’s Shelter and Project Ultrasound

    • SimpleCatholic · November 7, 2011 SimpleCatholic

      I’m so glad you have found the list useful, Jessica!

      I’ve never heard of Mary’s shelter but Project Ultrasound is another great one. Thanks!

  3. A.C. · January 24, 2013 A.C.

    The Elliot Institute is called a “small but mighty” ministry that conducts research, education and outreach regarding abortion’s impact. Research research shows most abortions are unwanted or coerced. (See our free “Forced Abortion in America” flyers, reports, too.) After abortion, women are dying, too. 65% suffer trauma. Our research is used to hold abortion-providers accountable, change laws and educate public while showing compassion for those at risk or hurt. In great need of supporters and prayers.

  4. Stella Maris · May 28, 2013 Stella

    Came across your very helpful website. I was wondering if I could link my website with yours. Please check out my Pennies for Heaven project on my website which is a pro-life activity for those that can’t attend the March For Life. http://www.allkidscanbesaved.com/

    • SimpleCatholic · May 28, 2013 SimpleCatholic

      Sure, Stella, thank you. You have a lovely site. However, the link to the pennies for Heaven project doesn’t work so I changed the link to your home page.

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