Fearless Friday: Prayer for Cancer Patients


It seems like every time I turn around lately somebody I know and love (or know of) has been recently diagnosed with some form of cancer: lung cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer.

So, I am dedicating today to pray for those with cancer, for their families and caretakers. I pray that the Lord heals them if it be His will, or comfort and strength as they deal with their disease.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Those Suffering with Cancer

Dear St. Anthony, you recognized Our Lord Jesus as the Divine Healer. In your goodness and kindness, please intercede for all those who are suffering from cancer.

If it is God’s will, I ask that this day, the gift of healing be granted to them. Comfort them during times of unbearable pain, and ask our Lord to grant them peace and patience in suffering.

May God give them the fullness of life here on earth, or call them home to eternal glory forever. Amen.

(H/T to saintfrancis.net, where I found this prayer.)

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  1. I am praying for cancer patients today too. If you stop by my blog you will find a link to Sweet Mary, a friend of mine, who could use prayers. God bless, you and your intentions are in my prayers.
    Lily…recently posted…Fearless FridayMy Profile

  2. Thank you for sharing that prayer. I don’t think there is a person on Earth who cancer doesn’t touch somehow…praying with you.
    Colleen…recently posted…FreeMy Profile

  3. SimpleCatholic says

    Thank you Lily and Colleen for the prayers. God bless you both. 🙂

  4. Thanks my precious sister for posting this today. Believe it or not, as I sat at my best friend’s house, three door’s down from me, we were busy talking about her fil, and I thought to myself,,’shoot, I forgot to ask for prayers for him as he is battling cancer’…and here I come to this..God IS good…I thank Him for leading you to post this and pray…Love ya girl
    Angela…recently posted…FEARLESS FRIDAYMy Profile

  5. SimpleCatholic says

    Oh, God surely is good! I will definitely keep your fil in prayer.

    Sending love and hugs right back atcha. 🙂

  6. thank you for the prayers Carol–
    I surely need them.

  7. SimpleCatholic says


    You know that I am always praying for you my dear friend. 🙂

  8. I have two neighbors who were diagnosed with cancer recently. One has stage 4 squamous cell cancer and is not doing well and the other has throat cancer. May God bless them and have mercy on them. They are not Catholic and I think that makes things harder because they don’t have the inclination to pray to saints. I am praying for both of them. Thanks for this post.
    Barb…recently posted…Sunday Snippets – A Catholic CarnivalMy Profile

  9. SimpleCatholic says

    Adding my prayers for your neighbors, Barb. May God watch over them, bless them and heal them if it be according to His holy will.

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