10 Random Things I Want to Learn Before I Die

Just for fun I thought I would share some things I’ve always wanted to learn. Most of the things on the list are crafty things. I don’t consider myself crafty by nature, but I do have a desire to try! For more fun top ten lists head on over to Oh Amanda’s.

1.Fillet a fish. You’d think since I grew up in New Jersey, I’d know how to do this. No can do. I’ve caught my share of fish, but never had to fillet one, so I didn’t. Why would I want to learn to fillet a fish? No reason, really, just because I don’t know how!

2. Sign language. I’ve always been fascinated with sign language. When my son was a baby I got a baby signing book out of the library and he learned to sign some basic words before he could talk. Once he started talking, he wanted nothing more to do with sign language. Still, it would be fun to learn if I had someone to sign with. 🙂

3. Latin. It turns out that I will be learning this sooner rather than later. My son and I practice a few prayers in Latin a few days a week, and recently he told me he wants to learn more Latin. If I can find a program geared toward young ones, I’ll probably get started with it.

4. Ballet. If you knew me, you might not be surprised about this, but you’d might laugh. You see, I have mild Cerebral Palsy, and so I don’t at all have the leg strength or flexibility for ballet (BUT, I can walk, Yay, me!). I absolutely love Ballet, though and can watch it for hours. The music, the costumes (most of them, anyway), the dancing, the story; it’s all magical to me. So, even if in reality I won’t ever learn ballet, I can still want to learn. 🙂

5. Irish Step Dancing. The chances of learning how to do Irish Step Dancing is pretty much nil; but, I’m adding it to the list anyway because it’s so much fun to watch!

6. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). I know enough CSS to be dangerous. lol! Mastering CSS would be very beneficial for my business, so I really want to make the time to learn this soon.

7. Drawing and painting. Some day I would love to take a beginner’s drawing and/or painting class. People who are creative and can use a brush to create beauty amaze me. I would love to try my hand at playing with colors, textures, etc.

8. Quilting. Quilts are so beautiful – and comfy! I love how some of the patterns seems quite intricate and detailed. That’s right up my alley! I have a good eye for detail and think I would enjoy the labor of creating a quilt.

9. Sewing. A few years ago, a friend of mine helped me sew a baby’s hat for someone and I loved it. It would be so much fun to be able to learn to sew my own clothes or curtains or whatever I wanted. I think I just may put down a sewing machine on my wish list for Christmas. 😉

10. A Musical Instrument. When I was with the sisters, I started learning to play the organ. It was a lot of fun but I never got comfortable enough to play in the chapel. As a matter of fact, whenever I had to play with someone watching I’d freak out and not be able to play at all. After I left the sisters, I did have an organ for a while before I was married, but I never had time to practice. The instruments I would most love to learn to play is the harp (Yep!) or the clarinet. Who knows, maybe Andrew will want to learn an instrument and I can learn with him!

Your turn! Why don’t you share in the comments some of the things you’ve always wanted to learn?! Don’t be shy!


  1. Theresa Alescio says

    I can’t say that I have accomplished any of these things;
    but, I did try the following:
    Fillet a fish–I think–isn’t the same as scaling a fish?
    Sewing–in high school.
    Musical instrument–attempted several times.
    Latin-in high school–too hard for me. I had enough
    problems with english grammar!!!

  2. SimpleCatholic says

    Yes, I think filleting a fish is the same thing as scaling a fish. 🙂

    Andrew told me this morning he also wants to learn Spanish and Italian! So, he wants to learn Latin, Spanish and Italian! Looks like I have a linguist or future world traveler on my hands. lol!

  3. Sign language would be a really cool thing to learn.
    Andrea…recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Healthy SnacksMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Yes, it really would. It doesn’t seem too difficult, either. Just a matter of making the time to do it is the problem. 🙂

  4. I relate to you on 9 and 10 — I’m fixing to buy a sewing machine this fall and am bound and determined to really figure it all out, and I would love to learn to play guitar! (Took piano lessons as a kid, but we don’t have a piano-friendly house!)

  5. Nice list!
    Margaret…recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- CookbooksMy Profile

  6. What you want to know how to do I think says as much about you as a list of what you already know how to do – and what it says is that you are pretty interesting, girl!!
    Jen @ BigBinder…recently posted…Top Ten Things To Take On A Picnic and a giveaway!My Profile

  7. I would like to learn how to make at least a few dishes (meals, that is). Cooking is something I’ve really never gotten the hang of–or tried to, for that matter.
    I would like to achieve full fluency in Spanish; as it is, I’ve stayed mostly at the advanced intermediate level.
    And I’m trying to learn to create well-crafted fiction and articles, as one of my life’s ambitions is to be a published author.

    Sounds like you’re a person of many interests. As am I! Join the club. 🙂


    • SimpleCatholic says

      Oh, great ideas, Evan. I love to cook, so if you need any cooking help/tips let me know! 🙂

      You are definitely up on me with the Spanish, though. I may need to add a #11, hmmm.

      Good luck with the writing. I’d like to write a book too; but, I have a tendency to get caught up with the editing. The book would never get finished. If you knew how many times I edit just a blog post, you’d laugh!

  8. I know what you mean about getting stuck in the editing process. One of my problems is that I’m too perfectionistic, to the point where I don’t get writing done because I can’t shut off the “internal critic.” Learning to just let go and write is a real challenge for a lot of burgeoning writers.


    • SimpleCatholic says

      Oh, yes, the “internal critic,” I know him/her well! 🙂 Will pray that you will be guided by the Holy Spirit and that your inner critic will be silenced.

  9. I’d like to learn the Japanese language and culture. Then I’d like to spend time in Japan evangelizing. What a pipe dream! But dreaming is fun.

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