10 Ways I am Finding Joy

A couple of weeks ago, when I read Angie’s Introduction to finding joy, it struck a huge chord with me. Over the last few months I had been feeling a similar need to change. In particular, I felt the Lord was convicting me to change, or rather, correct my attitude. So, when I read the post, I knew I needed to participate in her finding joy series. This will help me stay motivated and be a way for me to stay accountable to live more intentionally and joyfully. She is kind enough to have a linky posted on her week one post for anyone else wants to participate they can.

I’m a little behind in getting my first week up, so I am combining it with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday contribution. They actually fit in well because I have several points that I am working on in a few different categories.

Finding joy in God.

The source of our joy is in God. He is our strength and all good and holy change comes from him. And the best way to tap into the Lord is prayer. I need to follow my own advice on how to make time for prayer! To make this manageable, I am going to start with:

1. Ten minutes of quiet prayer. The first thing I am going to do when I wake up, before I do anything else, is sit before the Lord in silence for a few minutes. For now, it won’t be more than 10 minutes.

2. Daily Mass. I’ve fallen out of the habit of going to daily mass; mainly because I was trying to get homeschooling done as early as possible so I can start working earlier. Since we are doing a modified version of homeschool for the summer, I am making the time to go to mass. I need the power and grace that comes from receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist.

3. A decade of the rosary. If I have the time, I will do a 5-decade rosary; but, for everyday, I am going to focus on the decade. I am going to encourage my son to pray with me, too, so it can be something we do together.

Finding joy in my husband.

My hubby is a lot of fun to be with and I love him very much but sometimes I get caught up with responsibilities and bills and Andrew and whatnot, that I forget that after God he is to come first. I miss him when he is working but I’m not always present to him or for him when he is here. So, with that in mind, here are my goals for finding joy in my husband:

4. Date nights. Even if we can’t go out, I am going to try and be more creative in preparing special date nights at home. And during that time, I am going to focus my presence on him and not on other distractions.

5. Lift him up with my words. Gosh, how many times do I say unkind things in sarcasm, or reactively or in anger? Way too many, I’m sad to say. During this journey of growth I am going to try and be more aware and intentional in the things I say to my husband (and others).

6. Honoring his priorities. One of the ways I want to find joy (and give joy to him) is to make his priorities mine. I have to admit that sometimes he will ask me to do something or make requests that I forget to take care of. The issue for me here is, because I don’t necessarily deem his requests as important to me personally, I don’t write it down or make the effort to do what he wants or put it off until he winds up doing it himself or it doesn’t get done which creates a burden for him.

Finding joy in my son.

My son is at a good age. He is curious, inquisitive, and fun. He is outgoing, vivacious, extroverted and talkative. Oh, so talkative! He talks almost non-stop from when he gets up until he falls asleep. And, even in his sleep he talks sometimes! He also has a knack for pushing my buttons! (Like so many kids do with their parents!) I need to rediscover my joy in my son by:

7. Being more patient. My son is smart in a lot of ways, but sometimes I almost forget he is only six. I become impatient when I have to repeat myself or when he doesn’t listen or does things he’s not supposed to. I need to work on being patient in how I respond to these things and correct him in a kinder way. I have to remember that he is just a little boy: sowing his oats, pushing his limits, being a boy.

8. Focused fun time. I spend a decent amount of time with Andrew when we school and when we read together. What I don’t do enough of is play with him. Honestly, some of the games he wants to play is boring and annoying; but, that’s not the point. It’s not so much about me having fun as it is in the quality time we spend together – and making happy memories for him. I am going to try to find creative and fun things to do together, just for fun.

Finding joy in self-care.

During my time in Georgia I wasn’t as active as I had been or eating as well as I should have and so have gained some weight. I want and need to be healthy and take care of the temple of my body so to that end I am going to:

9. Intermittent Fasting. A while ago I felt called to intermittent fasting as a spiritual and weight loss practice. It was the first “diet” that I enjoyed and felt like I could do long term. However, the holidays came and then stuff happened, and I fell off the IF bandwagon. With God’s grace I want to begin this practice again.

10. Exercise. I am going to start slow but be consistent in exercising. I have access to an exercise bike and elliptical machine, so obviously I have no excuse! I am going to make time to exercise four times a week and work my way up to six times a week.

Finding joy in the home.

I want to make our home a haven. A place of joy, rest and love. I am going to:

11. Create a loving atmosphere. Light some candles, decorate for the season or feast day. Nothing elaborate. Just simple things to make the home feel homey. πŸ™‚

12. Accept the imperfect. The truth is, I won’t have a perfectly clean, organized home, as much as I would like to! I am going to focused on having a lived-in, happy home that is clean enough and not some pristine, squeaky clean house.

Okay, so it’s 12 and not 10 but I had to get those last two in. πŸ™‚ I’ll be joining Angie in posting a recap here each week and sometimes posting my efforts on Twitter or Facebook. If you feel called to joining us, I hope you do! I’d love to hear your goals in creating an intentional, joyful life!


  1. Awesome. Isn’t it interesting that as we serve others and give up ourselves, we find joy? Excellent post!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Fabulous goals to work on, Carol! I can’t wait to see how it goes. (And, I promise this week I’ll set up the linky to last a week!)

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Thanks, Angie! No problem on the linky. It was my fault for taking so long in getting the post done!

      Oh, and thanks for the pinterest invite! I’m signing up today and can’t wait to check it out.

  3. So many things to think about and consider about bringing joy into my life too. Thanks!

  4. A wonderful post, thanks.

  5. Carol, these are great ideas. I’m glad you put in there about having fun. Families have to spend time together in laughter and play. Often fun can break destructive energy cycles and give a person a chance to refocus. Plus it’s good for the brain.:)

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