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So, the last time I shared my goals was the beginning of Holy Week. Then Easter came and I took the week off from blogging – except for the Divine Mercy Novena and a guest post – and focused on the family. It turned out to be a much busier week than anticipated, and I didn’t get much done either week. Still, for the sake of transparency, here are my goals from two weeks ago:

1. Besides my daily mass, rosary and bible time, spend some extra time in prayer and reflection on the mysteries being celebrated this week. (ongoing)

2. Help Andrew write out and mail his thank you notes.

3. Keep up with college course work.

4. Plan out blog posts for the month of April. (I do have a general idea of the posts I want to write, but need to get them down on schedule…)

This coming week will also have an abbreviated goals list – only two things to be exact:

1. Work on both analytical papers for both my classes (One for the Intro to Lit class, and one for The Short Story).

2. Get those thank-you cards written and in the mail.

Of course, prayer time and homeschooling are a given so that’s why I didn’t include them. Hopefully next week will get back on track. I’m not a big fan of changes in schedule. 😉

What are your goals for this week? Feel free to share them here or head over to Money Saving Mom for more goal setting ideas.

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